Invisible Illness – Pushing On Through

I have my own battles with an invisible disease so I relate to this post!! Always love what I find on Being Lydia!

Being Lydia!

Having any invisible illness at all can be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” exercise. If you rest, nothing gets done and/or people think you are lazy. If you do something, anything (a chore, going out, shopping, etc.) people see you as healed or there was never anything wrong in the first place. I know that probably seems like an exaggeration; however, if you ever experience a condition that no one can see (or understand), you will soon get what I am talking about.

Some people have adopted the spoon theory. I haven’t really been able to grasp this one, though I see how it can work. It just doesn’t fit my mindset. Instead, I lean towards pacing which I learned in a chronic pain management program and something I like to call “pushing on through”.

Pacing means you set a goal and a reasonable time frame…

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2 thoughts on “Invisible Illness – Pushing On Through

  1. You and I have much in common. MS is such a pain in the lower extremities. Having neighbors tell my husband I have a drinking problem because they see me staggering around in the heat is funny at most and humiliating at least. Getting out of bed for breakfast and going back to sleep for a six hour nap makes my son’s wife regale her friends for hours at what a lazy person I am. It rankles me. I used to be one of those super moms and teachers who volunteered all the time, worked 60 hours a week for my students, kept a house fairly neat (Rapidly undone behind my efforts.)

    We are all one in four hundred thousand.

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