44 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 6/23/16

  1. Sometimes I weep and emotionally tear myself apart. But then, I go to Him in prayer for guidance and the courage I need to stand up, brush myself off, and either try again if it’s something worth trying again until I get it right or know well enough to let it go and try something else. Sometime I say awful words under my breath and get frustrated. And then I ask God for patience and take time to cool off, then work at it again…this is usually when I fail at something physical. The first is more of an emotional thing, i.e. when I’ve failed someone. Either way, I’m not often good at taking failure well, but luckily God knows how to calm my rough waters and get me through.

    1. Failing isn’t easy for anyone and those who are more sensitive emotionally need to take time to rid themselves of the negativity associated with the failure. Then they are ready to deal with it and move on.

  2. I laughed at first when I saw this question and my automatic answer is ‘I’m just used to it.’ lol but honestly, I don’t think any of us get used to it. If I was to answer the question honestly, I would have to say I belittle myself initially and then depending on the extent of the failure, I will try to figure out a way to ‘make it right’ or completely set it aside and move on.

      1. You are so right. I would also say some don’t try anything that could have the potential of failure. I do my best not to be a safety pants but I can see the allure.

    1. I think many take failures so incredibly personal and beat themselves up for quite a while. As if failing makes them a failure, which is only the case if one quits.

  3. One way I like to look at it is from science. There are no failures, only experiments that do not produce the expected result. However, that is a point of view sometimes difficult to practice.

  4. I refuse to fail. It’s not an option! That being said, I don’t even acknowledge the word “failure”. I look at it as a lesson learned, experience gained, and an opportunity to find something that is more suited to myself, my goals, and my work. Again, failure is not an option. That quote worked for Apollo 13, and it sure as heck works for me.

  5. I rage for a minute, I sob inside for five. I take a break for water. Then I get back on the task and make it work or change the concern so that I can find a new way to make it work. Small buttons…for example. Instead of trying to do small buttons when I’m shaky and first get up, I lost weight so that I don’t have to undo them. Now I wash dry and can pull things up or over without ending them at all.

  6. “Fall seven times and get up eight”. Samurai saying. I love failures they teach me a lot, make me humble and as another saying says: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

  7. First I feel it, try not to come down hard on myself, problem solve, look for new open window from the closed door and go for it. And always, try to learn the lesson that presents itself.

  8. Good question! I reflect on it. Look at what I did well, and determine what I could’ve done differently. I view all my mistakes through a growth mindset lens. Sometimes it’s hard if it’s a personal failure rather than a professional one.

  9. I wake up the next day and keep going. Sometimes I restrategize and try again, yet I tend to just move on to my next project if one doesn’t work.

    Failing in a personal relationship or something like that, I cry until I stop.

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