Seven Places That Calm My Anxiety

I always enjoy my time on Peace From Panic!!

Peace from Panic

When I was first diagnosed with agoraphobia and panic attacks, I learned that agoraphobia literally means fear of the marketplace. That described me perfectly. My worst places to be were the grocery store and the mall.

When I have a panic attack, I get a strong, uncontrollable urge to leave the place I’m at. I feel more at ease when there is easy access to an exit. Big box warehouse stores with no windows and one door are challenging.

Medication has helped get me through the day without the constant fear of panic. I’m grateful that now I’m comfortable going anywhere — even the grocery store.

These places help me feel safe and relaxed:

  1. The Beach: My senses are both awakened and at peace here. I’m mesmerized as I watch the waves form, crash, and roll to the shore. Warm sand massages my feet, and cold water makes me…

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