Why My Wife is My Angel



As most of you know I live each day of my life with multiple sclerosis.  My type of MS is secondary progressive which means that I have symptoms present daily with no remittance.  I take it in stride understanding that there are many people worse off than I, therefore, I focus to stay thankful.  With that said, the daily effort required to deal with this disease is great and the attention and love my wife shows me is even greater.

In my post My Life Living With MS, I talked about the fact that Evelina is my angel, my support and my strength.  I am not sure what I have done in life to have her at my side, but I am greatly appreciative!!

Each day my wife assists me with a few simple tasks with which I struggle, tends to my medications and vitamins, prepares meals and reminds me of all the things that I forget.  The job is truly a never-ending burden and she simply goes about her day with no complaints, which I find amazing.

Now that I am working a new job Evelina makes sure I have clean clothes and new ties.  She keeps me organized and focused to take things with me that I will need throughout the day.  Any success I find in the future at my job at the newspaper will be because of her.  And for that I will be forever grateful.

So to my wife I say I love you, I appreciate your burden of love and you will always be my beautiful.  My words will always fall short of expressing my feelings, but I hope you always know what you mean to me.  Thank you for making my Dreams come true, I love you to the moon!


89 thoughts on “Why My Wife is My Angel

  1. What a blessing she is in your life. She is beautiful, just like her name as well. I’m sorry to learn of your health issues – but her support and your positive attitude will surely help you through it. All the best to you both 🙂

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  2. Wow , that’s amazing you have someone who loves and supports you , whenever I read post similar to this I always say that because in this world , it’s difficult to find true angels. All the best to you and your beautiful wife.

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  3. A lovely, heartfelt post, Dray, and the photo of your wife is qiute stunning. As a new follower, I didn’t know of your illness, but your positive attitude is commendable. I also feel sure that the love and support of your beautiful will help you though whatever lays ahead. Thank you for sharing this. Millie

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  4. Ohhhh Danny… First of all thank you for the follow. Not sure how you found my blog but I’m so glad you did. Your wife is STUNNING & from this amazing piece you’ve written…she’s beautiful inside and out.
    As a hopeFUL romantic, I love the way you love her.

    Abundant blessings from my family to yours,


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  5. I relate to this.
    All I would say is; Keep living Sire and do what you do best, it’s all gets better.
    That lady would always be there for you if you keep do what you are meant to do.
    Thanks for the share..

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  10. Reblogged this on and commented:
    When living with chronic/invisible illness, having a loving, caring spouse is a huge gift. I am thankful for my hubby every day. Read this ode by Danny at Dream Big for his angel, Evelina!

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  13. we can all hope to find love like that!
    i’m currently in a bad relapse myself. dunno what I’m going to do next- hospital for evaluation and steroids (i have allergies so i can’t take them from home) or what.

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