31 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 6/30/16

  1. for me forgiveness is grace – give to me so I can also give to others. The biggest thing about holding onto past mistakes is sometimes I don’t see them as mistakes and don’t know that I need to let go.

    1. Some people have learned to let mistakes remain in the past, which is good. Then there are those that beat themselves up over mistakes for days, weeks or even years. Tough way to live.

  2. I think now of the old children’s song, The Cat Came Back. Throw them out and think we’re done with them and back they come for another round, with another lesson.

  3. My father told me this once “even gods made mistake you are human my child you are allowed to make mistakes just take it as a lesson and move on. Don’t hang on to that mistake else you won’t get a chance to make another one and learn a new lesson. ” 🙂 I tell myself this whenever they come back knocking on my Window 🙂

    1. But there are healthy ways to deal with the long-lasting effects of mistakes and there are unhealthy ways. Reminders of mistakes can last a lifetime, but people still have to learn how to let them go. And you are right, it is not easy, but it is doable.

  4. Now and then, yes. It’s been getting easier, reminding myself that it’s the past, I’m different now, God forgives, and nothing is worth staying in the past. Life is still going, we need to do our best to enjoy the here and now while we can. We’ll still mess up, but we can’t let that hold us back. Apologize, work on being a better you, and keep going. ♡

  5. My mom being put into a nursing home before she died. I tried to keep her home with me and my brother, but neither of us had a job at the time, and we could not pay the rent, so she went into a home and died there a few months later. I keep blaming myself, and I hate how this happened. I got out of being homeless one month after she died. I am staying with a friend now, but I will have a new place soon. I just think I need to realize I did the best I could do and that my mommy would not want me hating myself.

  6. Wow!… Hard hitting. Because our mistakes impact our future, it can be hard to get over things, or forgive ourselves. I know I have made plenty of mistakes and honestly… The only thing I can ever really do is accept that it is what it is. Even if the responsibility of the choices weighs on me. There is no rewind button. Oh how nice that would be… heck I wish I could write a letter to my fourteen year old self. Maybe even prevent myself from meeting certain people. Meh! Accept that what we cannot change and change what we can. This topic made me sad 😕

    1. Sorry. Lol. Didn’t intend to make you sad. But it is important to get people thinking about letting go of past mistakes in order to freely move forward.

      1. It was sonstrange to me that you asked it today … I mean… wow … today was one of THOSE days. Here’s my question for you…. Have you ever had something…. buried alive?

      2. Hahaha no. 😂 oh my. No not at all… but I was watching some sappy love story the other day and it was about two people who fell in love but were ripped apart.. their love buried alive. And it started out with them as adults and when they bumped into each other they started remembered their youth when they were together. So it made me wonder…. how many people in the world have had a love buried alive

      3. Fortunately for me, I am with my love. And I haven’t experienced being separated so I can’t really speak to your question. I can say that I cannot imagine how that would feel, but it would be gut wrenching.

      4. I’m the movie when they finally confess their love. The guy gets shot and killed… the same night the woman’s son got into an accident and almost died… sje later found out the donor was her love. 😱 i gotta stop watching random Netflix movies

  7. Forgiveness is one of my regular practices. People find it hard at times to forgive others for hurting them especially when they have cut very deep. We have to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make no one is exempt from this. At these times you should forgive yourself for allowing these to happen even if the issues took you by surprise. Forgive yourself and in time you will be able to forget. Remember the lessons learned to make you a stronger person.

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