43 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/1/16

  1. I am attempting to feed my hopes and dreams. Utilizing all my spare time working on this blog, and reading others etc etc. 12- 16 hrs a day! Might I ask how long you spent and spend now doing what you love? – K

    1. Time spent on my blog? Before I started working at the newspaper I worked my page 15 hours a day. Now my time has been reduced to around 5 per day.

  2. 90% hopes & dreams. 10% fears. Which works beautifully for me. Just enough fear to keep the adrenaline pumping, keep me on the edge, and keep arrogance at bay. I still have so much left to go (and grow). Hopes point me in the right direction. Fears keep sharp.

    And you?

      1. I think that is a fair answer. To some extent we all feed both our dreams and our fears. Some feed their fears to their dreams. lol

  3. Well truly I tell you friend , Just now I saw a post of a friend whom I follow I got afraid because there was a vampire in that picture.
    I’m sorry Lord, for not believing in you, and not having faith in you Jesus. You are Greater than everything, always remind me of this thing. Amen Praise His Holy Name.

      1. I used to take medication for it. But truthfully, there’s no truly controlling it, just making things easier. Prayer and mediating does help, yes. Having a good support system, music, and writing also have been key for me to get through. Some days are peachy, some are downright awful, and some are a bit of both. But, even when my demons win a battle, I keep going. God will help me win the war that goes on inside my head. ♡

      2. It’s not the running away from me in deal with, but the consistent thinking and battling of my demons. But yes, some days it’s very tiring. It’s always worth the fight though.

      3. I hate the struggle sometimes too, but I think it’s helped shaped me into who I am and is allowing me to help others who deal with this also. Thank you for the kindness you never fail to show me. I value your friendship!

      1. I understand that worrying isn’t a logical behavior, but that doesn’t matter. The thing I often speak with worriers about is how much of the present moment it steals from you. You are not able to be in the present because fears have you focused on things from the future that haven’t even happened yet.

      2. That is the worse thing with worrying and depression, you have no control over the way you feel and emotions. I hated that, not having control.

  4. I’m just feeding my stomach with good food especially yummy pasta.. My fears have been starved and reduced to useless skeletons. My hopes and dreams are kept quiet with reduced ambitions and reality checks.

  5. Great question. I’m trying to starve my fears by overcoming them and doing the things that I’m afraid of. It’s easier to do this as I get older. My hopes and dreams are getting fed as much as I can afford to give them.

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