I Started a New Journey!

I Started a New Journey!

I have received a few emails asking me about how the job is going so I thought I would take a quick moment to update everyone.

For those who are not aware, on June 20th I started a new journey by accepting a position at a local newspaper.  Thus far the job is going great and I am enjoying every moment.  I am working as the Digital Specialist in the sales department.  My position focuses on helping current and new clients find more success in their digital portfolio by providing products that our company sells.  We are one of 34 companies in the country having received Google’s Premier SMB (small/medium business) Partner designation.  It means a great deal when analyzing customer’s online needs and I am proud to have that badge on my cards and on the company website.

So far I have gone through an extensive training program demanded by Google’s designation.  I will not be writing code any time soon, but I do have enough knowledge to explain to our customers how the ad bid process works, ad quality ranking and such.  I will not bore you with the details.

I have a week of training to complete in Boston mid-month and then all my training will be complete…finally!  In the meantime I will be participating in ride-along sessions with the print media reps to get to know them and meet some of their customers.  I am the only rep in my department, besides my manager who handles other jobs besides selling.   Because of this, I have a massive territory which creates a ton of opportunity for me.

I love my new job.  I have been on a few sales calls thus far and love knowing what I am selling truly helps small-to-medium business owners get found online.  In a way, I am protecting our local SMB from extinction and helping them protect themselves from the bigger corporate-type businesses.  This statement might seem a bit dramatic to some, but to me it is the truth.  Without the ability of being found online, small business struggles.

It is funny how life works out sometimes.  I never would have thought I would be at a newspaper selling digital products.  All of the self-education about SEO tactics, growing a blog, online presence, etc. was crucial to me getting this job.  And this whole time I thought I was learning only for my blog’s growth.  It just goes to show that you must keep an open mind and give consideration to all possibilities.   Once you close your mind, you close your world.  Keep an open mind and you open your world!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and for my American friends, Happy 4th weekend!!







60 thoughts on “I Started a New Journey!

      1. I wish! Trying to recover from a cold, but there are plans for a concert tomorrow, and our typical mountain fireworks, which are surprisingly good. Hope you have a blast! 🙂

      1. It sure is. I used to feel guilty when I got paid for teaching because I loved the job and the kids so much. Not that it wasn’t hard work. I earned every penny.

      2. Well, you know what I mean – just a little bit guilty. I would chuckle like it was the biggest joke in the world, if they only knew I would do this job for free! I loved it that much.

      3. That is a great place to be professionally. If you have a passion you are fortunate. If you can work your passion you are blessed.

  1. Congratulations on your new job! It does seems that it is fun and when you have passion in doing something it doesnt feel like a job at all.

      1. I am breathing and that is a good thing. Another rough period to go through, but I am strong and I will make it. Don’t worry about me.

  2. I was really glad to see you giving us an update and that everything is going so well for you. Where I live small businesses are our communities life blood and I try to shop local to keep things ALIVE. Happy 4th July.

  3. How great! Delighted for u, well done! I am also back working two months now, so not enough time to blog but I had such a nice experience I will try to keep it up, just now and then.

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