41 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/3/16

  1. Yes and I think that I’m getting better and better. Recently I even have envisaged not to speak a single word for a whole year and limit myself to just listening. I believe that who talks to much and never listens never learns anything.

  2. What was the question? Just kidding. This is something that I work at constantly. My brain is tempted to come up with a response and blurt it out before the person finishes their sentence. I realize this is not good listening or communication and I have improved at resisting this urge. I interview a lot of people and I look very closely at their listening skills. Because I’m in consulting, I know that nothing annoys a client more than the feeling that they’re not being listened to. If someone begins answering your question before you finish asking it, that indicates that they are not listening as well as they could be.

    1. I have to watch myself also. In my current position it is imperative that I listen mostly and speak infrequently. It goes against my nature so I must practice awareness.

  3. It is important to listen, people often ask when in a conversation with me, why are you quiet, simple really I am listening and we both cannot talk at once. Invaluable to give help to others is to listen to what they have to say or just be there for them to talk.

  4. To be able to listen to others is a valuable skill. I am often asked why I am quiet when in a conversation with other people. It is important to listen to others and both cannot speak at once. Giving time to listen and hear what another has to say is valuable especially if you are trying to help them. Often many just need someone to talk to and have them listen with sincerity.

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