Bumps in the Road

Great post on Two Are Better Than One. Which one of these is the way you deal with problems?

Two Are Better

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he navigates the bumps in the road along life’s journey. It’s also an indication of how he might travel through life during other seasons as well. Truly, there are only a few options for traversing a bumpy road or a difficult period in your life.

  1. You could press forward and ride out the bumps until the road is smooth again.
  2. You could turn around and avoid the bumps (for now).
  3. You could stay right where you are and wait for conditions to get better.

Of the three options, we could probably eliminate option three.  Although conditions might get better, they could also become worse. Staying in your current situation is probably a bad choice. Perhaps the reason the road is so bumpy is so that you will become uncomfortable and be forced to move. Humans are stubborn creatures though…

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4 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road

  1. Sometimes people are paralyzed economically and are in shock. Many will go through this and do not have control over failing government corrupted policies. It takes years to recoup and often this means concentrating on being more yourself and working towards living a more independent lifestyle.

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