Question of the Day – 7/9/16



Question of the Day:

What is the source of your procrastination?

44 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/9/16

  1. I’ve reached a point in my life where the things that once were pieces of guilt I constantly lived with for not getting things done have disappeared. I am constantly busy, but now only doing the things I want to do when I want to do them. I write, I garden, I sew, I spend time with my friends and family – but if laundry and dirty floors have to wait – so be it. Procrastination is a thing of my past.

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  2. Today it’s fatigue – I’m thankful I get over that quickly. But when I notice I’ve been avoiding something for too long, I go after it. If I can’t get to the root in a reasonable time frame (always depending upon whether or not it’s an actual hindrance) I seek help. Often that’s a trusted friend, sometimes trained counsel. Everyone that lives with mental illness gets we needn’t make a career of leaning too much upon help. Still, I do my best to not let procrastination stop me from living fully.

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  3. Usually I start something like a podcast and listen to it while cooking or cleaning, but then after my chores are done I’m so into it I just have to finish it. Tore myself away from one last night to get some writing done, but it wasn’t easy.

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    • I try to practice “planned” procrastination. I did this yesterday. I knew my body was weak, so I planned to rest all day. Today I am rested, revitalized and ready to go.


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