44 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/9/16

  1. I’ve reached a point in my life where the things that once were pieces of guilt I constantly lived with for not getting things done have disappeared. I am constantly busy, but now only doing the things I want to do when I want to do them. I write, I garden, I sew, I spend time with my friends and family – but if laundry and dirty floors have to wait – so be it. Procrastination is a thing of my past.

  2. The comfort zone that we fall in could be the biggest reason for our procrastination. It takes immense courage to come out of it and to start it again.

  3. Today it’s fatigue – I’m thankful I get over that quickly. But when I notice I’ve been avoiding something for too long, I go after it. If I can’t get to the root in a reasonable time frame (always depending upon whether or not it’s an actual hindrance) I seek help. Often that’s a trusted friend, sometimes trained counsel. Everyone that lives with mental illness gets we needn’t make a career of leaning too much upon help. Still, I do my best to not let procrastination stop me from living fully.

      1. Thanks. I understand what you mean, Daisy. Some days are better than others, but what’s most important is to not give up. Be blessed!

    1. I can identify with pain as I have lived with MS since 2007, although our pain is different. I am not so sure I would be quick to identify your pain as procrastinating though. Procrastination is a habit based on the premise of neglectfully putting things off until a later date or time.

      1. I’m sorry to hear you have MS although a different type of pain you are still a pain warrior! Thank you I actually feel better knowing I’m not procrastinating 🙂 I Shouldn’t blame myself if I can’t get to something or have to put it off because I don’t do it on purpose.

  4. Usually I start something like a podcast and listen to it while cooking or cleaning, but then after my chores are done I’m so into it I just have to finish it. Tore myself away from one last night to get some writing done, but it wasn’t easy.

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  6. Sleep and the pleasure of being lazy. To do things is hard work. However when I see a clear target that can give me some results I kick procrastination out of the window and get moving.

    1. I try to practice “planned” procrastination. I did this yesterday. I knew my body was weak, so I planned to rest all day. Today I am rested, revitalized and ready to go.

      1. It took me a long time to understand the reason I didn’t have long-lasting drive was I had not yet discovered something for which I had true passion.

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