I am a Single Woman. Will a Gun Keep Me Safe? – Single Girls Rock

I am a Single Woman. Will a Gun Keep Me Safe? – Single Girls Rock

In light of the Pulse club shooting in Orlando, and the resulting Democratic sit in, I started wondering about gun control or rather, single women and gun ownership. Do you own a gun? I know, I know, it’s kind of…

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  1. There’s a difference between feeling safe and being safe. Owning guns makes some people feel safe, but it’s easy to argue that in terms of the likelihood of a shooting happening in your home, it makes things more dangerous in general, especially since more gun deaths are by suicide than homicide. (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/09/upshot/gun-deaths-are-mostly-suicides.html?_r=0)

    My father hunted, and he kept a gun locked up in the garage. I don’t hunt, so I don’t need one. For protection, I have a dog, an alarm and insurance.

      1. I know. I read it. However, that page requires that you register for a login. I’m not going to pass along my email etc, outside of WP.com. I get enough spam already.

        I also chose to put this here because you chose to re-blog it, to see if YOU had a reaction. I have plenty discussions at my site with folks over articles I re-blog, since I don’t have as much time to write original material lately.

      2. ah, I get it. I am hesitant to pass my info also. πŸ™‚ Usually, I don’t respond to reblog comments too often as I leave those for the original writer to respond. I don’t have a gun and will not own a gun as I don’t hunt. My issue with guns in a general sense is the intent behind their design. Assault weapons were specifically designed to kill people and I will not have any part of that. And because I don’t hunt I have no need for other weapons. And handguns are the epitome of killing. I don’t have any place in my life for that kind of responsibility.

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      4. I do agree with you because I know. I wasn’t pressing, merely suggested. I remember making a video showing how to customize Windows 10 settings while upgrading, because going by the default isn’t a good idea. Funny because even that still doesn’t prevent one from merchants, Google, Microsoft, Mobile Phone Makers, etc all run a business model that leaves them wanting more of our information, pretty much as I am typing these words, data is being gathered, operating just only one email account isn’t 100% foolproof either. We are in the information economy after all. Nevertheless, I would enjoy reading your comments on here, kudos for being able to stay away πŸ˜€ πŸ‘πŸ‘

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