Most Will Never See the Light

I have decided to add a new daily segment to allow me to vent some short, random thoughts; like using my page as a true social media platform.  It will go something like this…


There will always be people who use excuses.  They will justify their lack of ambition or inability to succeed with a mindset that believes life is out to get them or things just always seem to go wrong or it just wasn’t meant to be.  The sad thing is most excuse makers will never break free from this false belief.  If they only knew the power of taking personal responsibility and how it could change their lives.  But, alas, most will never see the light.


14 thoughts on “Most Will Never See the Light

  1. Love the idea and what you are saying is so very true. Hey, if you are interested in discovering or playing with a new social media platform check out I’m testing it at the moment. Unfortunately you can’t link your wordpress content directly (like you can with a Facebook Page) but I think they are trying to solve it.

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