33 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/15/16

  1. Yep 🙂
    Always wished to go to a steampunk larp. But they are very rare here. Well, now we are in the middle of organizing one for next year 🙂
    I stopped waiting for other people to fulfil my wishes. I just get my southern end moving and do it myself 🙂

  2. I always think I’m on the verge of discovering some new beauty phenom. I just haven’t figured out what. I use to invent things when I was a kid. Nothing keeping me up at night though (insomnia meds take care of that) LOL!

  3. I keep having ideas all the time everyday. They come to me in cluster. Lately I’m more selective in choosing the right ones to pursue. I’ve learnt that while I can have great ideas it’s often useless to tell them to others because most people have no vision whatsoever.

      1. Being generous maybe about 95% or more. I know that it looks pessimistic but we live in a very mediocre world where the word talented and genius is grossly overused.

      2. I know a ton of people who think I’m crazy in believing one person can change the world. They lack vision but I don’t limit myself with small thinking.

  4. Last night, all day today through to now. About three times a month. I enjoy it until the closing face plant into my desk makes for bloodshed. It’s hard on the keyboard.

  5. It’s unusual when I don’t have an idea. I keep a notebook by my bed so I can jot down these ideas and get to sleep. Sometimes I act on them. Other times, however, in the light of day the ideas don’t seem worth acting on.

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