What Are You Doing To Be Prepared For Your Next Big Opportunity?

What Are You Doing To Be Prepared For Your Next Big Opportunity?

There are times when life presents an opportunity and we are not in a place to take advantage of it because we have not put in the necessary prep work to be ready.  Take my current situation at the newspaper for example.  I never thought I would be working at a newspaper, but when the opportunity came about I was fully prepared to step into the position.  You see, the work on my blog in respect to learning basic SEO tactics and understanding how Google listings work, helped me considerably in landing my job.  Had I not put it countless hours of educating myself I am certain I never would have been offered the position.

So I ask you-what are you doing now to prepare yourself for your next big opportunity?  If you are doing nothing I suggest you change your strategy.


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  1. Project 1) The USA embassy in London has promised to help me in carrying out my project that is of great interest to the USA in fact to the world. However to my surprise they told me that they have little influence in the USA government so I’m trying to see if some other embassies are also interested in helping. Project 2) if it doesn’t materialize as, in spite of what politicians and media say publicly, bureaucracy, hypocrisy and social apathy are the main obstacles in such matters then I will concentrate in publishing another three books of mine that are almost finished and maybe open an healing activity for helping people with disabilities and psycho somatic diseases such as Alzheimer, depression, arthritis and so on as is shown in my other wordpress website/blog mneme9.com. If not then I will do nothing except publishing my books and to hell with everybody, because this world is mad! This said, whatever happens, in a couple of months I will definitely invest a bit of money in advertising my books. As a matter of fact I never stop because when they close me a door I immediately open another one. Ahah….

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