56 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/19/16

      1. I’m a creature of habit. I think it’s fear that makes me dislike change – not quite sure what it is that frightens me – maybe the unknown? When pushed into change – I’ve always coped but rather unwillingly.

        Hmmm you’ve made me sit and think about this now 😨 x

      1. We just bought a house in a town neither of us are familiar with to give my son and our daughter a better life. It’s really weird, not used to it here and I miss our friends. But, it’s what’s best for our family. ♡

      1. I decided to become an author, and collaborated on 3 inspirational books but then took it further and wrote my memoir which was WAY out of my comfort zone because Im so private. I decided to become a speaker about living with PTSD which was out of my comfort zone. I have no fear of public speaking, but not about myself. AND, I climbed a mountain. Those are off the top of my head. I think Im wired to view getting out of my comfort zone as normal. I think its my survival instinct 😉. How about you? How would you answer that question.

      2. That is quite an impressive list! I like to push myself to experience new things, but don’t necessarily go out of my way to find adventure. It usually comes in the form of travel.

  1. I used to be recklessly adventurous, and now I just kind of hide at home with my cat….so…I’ll go outside my comfort zone, but I need a lot of reassurance that whatever it is won’t turn into a total disaster.

  2. oh YES! I can hardly wait for each adventurous day to begin. Disasters are just new means of growing…or learning. Most adventures turn out to be wonderful.

      1. I like to do things as long as I am not made fun of for trying it. I took a flying lesson to help me with my fear of flying. Loved it and now that isn’t out of my comfort range.

    1. OOOOOOOOH. the control factor is tough to let go of. Terrifying but I think in order to fly -we need to be ungoverned by what we think we know and that means occasional letting control. Just a thought.

      1. You are right! I might have control issues when I think about things. I am not bossy, I am just determined to do it when I want to get it done. I might be a little bossy to myself. I like the way you explained that!

  3. Great question. I already do this on a daily basis. I am a painfully shy introvert in person. When those posts on Facebook pop up about living in an isolated cabin for a month, I’m willing to pay instead of being paid. I’m also a consultant and must interact with people, conduct meetings, and navigate big crowds while traveling every week. By Thursday, if you see me at the airport with earbuds in, please leave me alone. I am peopled out. This can be a mentally and physically exhausting existence. When I turned to writing, this helped the stress that I built up from my day job melt away.

    1. I agree. I recently went through a sales training seminar at our corporate office and they had us do a lot of sales role play. I learn best when I write down information and then read and reread my notes. I like speaking in front of people but hate standing in front of people doing role play. It forced me out of my comfort zone big time.

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