23 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/20/16

  1. getting out of bed…i hate exercise and rarely do it. I figure doing laundry, housework, gardening, walking the dogs three or four times a day, putting away all the detritus that accumulates all over the house is enough.

      1. on my front porch swing every morning and every evening. I simply sit, rock and enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and nature.

  2. For me it will always be the gym – it has been something that has been consistent in my life and always had challenging goals – whether it is getting stronger, fitter, faster or weight-loss it’s always served a purpose.

    To be more specific I will always like the weights – I have done a number of routines, but from my experience feel it is best to stick to basics so benching, squatting, curls and shoulders 🙂

  3. I used to jog before chronic pain took that away. Still trying to walk more than a few minutes at a time. Jogging through the wooded paths was very relaxing. (We used to live on a lake pre-divorce).

  4. Tai chi. I’ve studied this art for 40 years and know four styles that amounts to over 600 moves stored in my head plus Qigong exercises. Most people only know and practice 24 movements. I practice it two hours a day in a big hall that I can use for free and really enjoy it. Moreover after many years of practice I even created a new type of Tai chi for curing several diseases and that is very creative. Tai chi is very good for the body and mind and unlike other sports or exercises doesn’t cause injuries in fact it corrects many. Unfortunately the tai chi taught nowadays, just like yoga, has been too westernised and wrapped up in phoney mysticism and theatricality. I used to teach it but stopped doing it because I wanted to continue studying it on my own as nobody could teach me anymore. I may one day start teaching it again but only to people with disabilities. To me Tai chi is not exercise anymore is essential as breathing and eating.

  5. I was an avid bicyclist when I lived in New York. I thought my move to Florida would allow me to enjoy this pursuit year-round. On one of my first times out, a pickup truck with wide sideview mirrors knocked me off of my bike. Instead of stopping to see if I was okay, the passenger rolled down the window and whooped it up while laughing. That was my last day biking in Florida except for riding to school with my kids occasionally. Now, I try to do about 2 miles on my treadmill every day. This gives me time to reflect and is a form of meditation. It’s not the enjoyment of biking, but it is at least some exercise.

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