37 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/24/16

  1. In a sense, i consider myself successful in the academic world as i have achieved my Master’s degree, but not in the professional world as of yet because i am not in a position to utilize my degree.

    1. But overall I would say earning your Master’s is a HUGE deal and that success makes you successful. However, being a competitive person I can fully understand your view about your professional life. Congrats on the degree!!

  2. I think success has many different layers to it. Am I emotionally successful, I would say “yes” in that I did not give in the my narcissistic adoptive mother’s whims. Am I financially successful? No. The work I do is not “popular” and therefore, it is hard to make off it…..so on the side, I substitute teach. Am I Academically successful? I would have to say yes. 3 college degrees, several diplomas, and over 3 certificates…. So if we look at all 3….I have a 2/3 which puts me at about a 67%…..that’s a D in my book 😉 But who’s counting? Am I joyful…..YES…that is the best success in the world.

  3. In some ways, yes. I married an amazing man, have two beautiful children, many great friends – some of which I have met on here, am only four short of having 800 subscribers to my blog, inspire and touch the hearts of people in my life, published two poems years ago through poetry.com, etc. But then, I haven’t published a book yet, didn’t try very hard to do much with my musical gits, and never went to college as I’d once planned. But, there is still time, God willing, to accomplish some of that and even if some things go undone, I know I have done so much in life and have overcome a lot, things many thought I never would and that right there is success.

    1. As I have gotten older I try to measure my success by the person I am not by what I have done. Now, when I was younger I definitely measured success by my accomplishments. Your family alone makes you a success in my eyes. 😀

      1. Very much so. For too long I measured my success by comparison. It doesn’t work like that. Now I measure my success by the person I am not what I have done or will do.

  4. On a personal level yes very much so. This said I work very hard at it. Moreover how others rate me whether I’m successful of not doesn’t interest me in the least because most people, let’s say 9,99999…% nowadays equate success with money and fame even if many of them say that they don’t judge it in that way.

  5. Like the word “normal”, I believe “success’ is subjective. I used to strive for success; however, I never really found it. I think it was because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be successful at. These days I am happy just being me.

      1. I think I do. Especially now that I have returned to my love of writing, come to terms with my many invisible/chronic illnesses, and am having the best years with the love of my life. To me, that is success.

  6. I do consider myself successful. I have a beautiful family and although my husband and I’ve been through a lot together and also had some rough patches between the two of us many years ago, we are still together, stronger than ever, closer than ever. We are a tight knit family. We love, respect and support each other. I believe that you can consider yourself successful if you have two kids to look at and from the bottom of the heart be proud of. I’m a successful wife and mother and I’m proud of it. And for the rest? I’m working on that one at the moment 🙂

  7. Self-doubt is my constant companion, but I think the answer to this has some nuance to it. If I run a successful project at work or have a great meeting, I put that in perspective. Will that kind of success be remembered 25, 50, or even 100 years from now? No. When my eight year old daughter tells me I’m the best daddy because I’m so kind, that is a measure of success. Hopefully she’ll remember that kindness when she grows up and she’ll pay it forward to her own children. I would consider myself much more successful if I’m remembered as a good dad than as a good corporate player.

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