61 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/25/16

  1. My Mother ! no on a serious note, I think I can honestly say I am now on the road to being who I really what to be, I have a life I enjoy, I get along with myself well, enjoy my own company and love my own space, I think when you know yourself, you are well on your way to becoming who you want to be.

  2. I think a more self aware person in that I am gaining an identity that is not of the corporate world but of what I want to make it now that I have left that world behind.

  3. I don’t know for sure. I think we are always becoming something. We are ment to change, to evolve, to grow. Sometime we become by choice sometimes by circumstance.

  4. I’ m constantly editing out what is useless and superfluous. This means that I’m becoming more and more minimalist in my approach to everything in life. Therefore in the end I will be left only with the essence.

      1. Yes. It’s my philosophy. It came late in life unfortunately but as they say: “It’s never too late. Minimalism has solved all the problems that I used to have.

  5. I’m not quite sure, to be quite honest, but I’d like to think I’m becoming a better person every day. Through all of life’s challenges, stumbles, joys, successes and failures we change all the time … but I can only hope, and work towards, becoming a better person. Both to myself and to others.

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