100 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 7/26/16

  1. I also like autumn/fall the best. I love all the fog and mist. And coming home from a walk through that mist for a cup of tea or coffee πŸ™‚

      1. I am still in the process of downsizing and getting rid of stuff but I know a lot of people who live full time in their RV’s and they love life now more than ever.

      2. We are also minimizing too. Still have kids at home but in a few years we will not and that will be our time to down size the house. We are hoping to get a VW camper and go across the country for a few months πŸ™‚

      3. That is awesome, I am 55 now, children are grown and have kids of their own, for me it is time to simplify life and travel as much as possible.

      4. I plan to do some blogging about my travels, right now I am working to build up my residual income, I started this blog here as a way to recruit and train brand representatives for my company.

  2. It’s a tie between Autumn and Spring. Autumn is so beautiful with the changing of the leaves. I also enjoy the weather as it begins to cool down, before it gets too cold. I like pumpkin flavored treats, Thanksgiving, Halloween and trick or treating with my family, and so on.

    Spring is the rebirth of things. I love watching flowers bloom, buds forming on trees, animals scampering about, and seeing the days grow longer. My favorite color is green and Spring is full of green! Winter begins to fade and the warmer weather returns, before it gets too hot. My allergies hate both seasons, but the rest of me adores them…

  3. My favorite is Summer because you get to go outside, enjoy the summer air and Sun, and can go out just about anytime, anywhere and not have to worry about bundling up before you go out. Plus I like hot weather so it’s instantly my favorite!β˜€

    1. I have many of my friends from the U.K. and all they talk about is how hit and miss the summer can be. Here the summers are HOT. For instance, today in Charlotte was near 100* and 108 with the heat index.

  4. May sound cliche but I really love to have all four seasons. Winters can be a little long here in Canada but for the most part pretty bearable in Southern Ontario. Fall is beautiful. Spring smells clean and fresh. Summer is all about the beach and being outside. Fave at the moment…loving the summer.

  5. It use be summer and only summer. Nowadays it’s winter and I can’t stand summer. I don’t even like spring because it means that summer is approaching and I love autumn because it means that winter is coming. It’s the same with the days of the week I love Mondays that everybody hates and intensely dislike Saturdays and Sundays that everybody like. I must be an upside down person… Mind you it’s nice to be different.

  6. Winter…Why? Snow, cuddling under my covers, CHRISTMAS!, deep love seems to exist in Winter, and compassion. Love Winter. LOVE, LOVE IT!

  7. Spring. Although I lived most of my childhood in south-central Arizona, I never fend well in heat. The winter cold gets old fast and autumn is delightful with color and relief from seemingly endless high temperatures. But spring seems to bring more hope and promise, like the extra energy the winter required was worth it all.

      1. Barely, Danny. I left years ago; In the south I remember 6-9 months of summer, a couple months of very mild winter, weeks of spring and autumn appear and disappear quickly. The northern regions are nicer, but Phoenix and parts south are too hot, too long for me.

      2. Well, what this reluctant nomad personally imagines home to be. High desert and The Rockies. With my need for variety it doesn’t get much better. …not that I’ll ever stop exploring :>

  8. That’s an easy one – Fall. Here on the Canadian West Coast we usually have warm “Indian summers” during the autumn months. The air is crisp but the sun shines and walks through the falling leaves are so much fun…even at my age! There is nothing like it!

  9. Spring has always been a favorite for me. When I lived in the north, it was a time of rebirth. Now that I live in Florida, I enjoy Spring because of the cooler temperatures.

  10. My favorite is Autumn. I like it because the temperature is not awfully hot or cold. The trees show their other colors because the chlorophyll is being drawn back into the tree as it prepares for winter. I’ve always found it a very peaceful time. It is a time to look within, reflect, and make necessary changes.

  11. The fall! The cooler weather… sweaters, jeans, scarves, boots… lattes, watching football, the fireplace on. I love decorating for the fall. Lots of pumpkins and gold, red, orange, and yellow leaves. And no holiday pressure yet. I love to host Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!

  12. Fall!! I love the crisp air that relieves that summer heat and makes bonfires enjoyable! I love apples and pumpkins! I love the beautiful leaves! I love going to Cedar Point when it’s pleasant (not so awful hot and miserable.)

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