Hot Rod & Humble Pie

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Every morning and night, I write down 1-3 things I am grateful for .  It helps keep me looking on the bright side of life.  

One of my entries yesterday – I am grateful for the -76 Ford Granada I had  in high school.  Looking at the picture, you might be saying – “Pepper, what a  sh*t bucket” and you’d be right… it was.


What made this ‘hot rod’ so awesome?    Those wheels were earned.

Yep, paid a whopping $2,000 for the beauty.  I worked at Fayva Shoe Store after school each day EARNING… drum roll please…  $3.35 an hour and other jobs babysitting and cutting grass.

Cha-Ching!! $$


My Momma said whatever amount you work and save towards a car, that she would match it.  Woohoo!!

This car was no where near the flashy cars many of my high school classmates drove to school.  It did however…

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