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      1. Teaching financial literacy to high school students (which I currently do). I’m planning on becoming an advocate for kids in the foster care system once I retire. I looked into it a few years ago, but it would have taken up too much time. I actually got the idea from watching Dr. Phil. If I had to do it all over again, I would have been a judge in children’s court. I enjoy helping others and find it very gratifying.

  1. I would buy a ranch to heal and train girls and women who are rescued out of sexual slavery. It would be a place of empowerment and hope and safety where they could learn and grow and be blessed, and find purpose. Other than that, I would write, paint, and travel whenever I could, and get a pilots license, take ballet, and become a certified skydiver. (a lot to do, but life is to be lived and dreamed)

  2. A good deal of my time would be spent being an advocate, a voice for abused children. The rest of it would be divided between quality time with my family and enjoying Mother Nature. πŸ™‚ How about you, Danny?

      1. That’s awesome, Danny. A few of my former students and I just set up a college scholarship fund to do just that. Investing in kids is one of the best investments anyone can make πŸ™‚

      1. No one to travel with. Afraid to travel on my own. My last trip was when my daughter took me to Disney World 3 or 4 years ago.

      2. Unfortunately, money is a problem and she paid for the Disney Trip and took me. She can’t afford another trip like that. That was special although the kids ruined it. The little one through temper tantrums and he is old enough not to do that and he was old enough to enjoy the trip. All the boys wanted to do was swim. We could have rent a motel in Jersey with a pool and saved her a lot of money.

      3. I would still need a leader. I am afraid of those types of situations. Even afraid of situations I am used to. Traveling would be nice with someone to take me.

  3. Being a minimalist I’ve more than enough money to afford not to work so I do those things that please me but even more so that make me grow as a human being and expand my understanding. This is one of the advantages of being a minimalist. To put it in another way. “The less one needs the more one has”.

      1. I’ve 24 hours of fun 365 days a year. Everything that I do is fun. Eating, sitting in cafes reading my kindle, sleeping and getting up whenever I want, playing music, Tai chi, writing books, illustrating, thinking, observing people. That is all I do and I think that is enough. A nice lady maybe would compliment my life but women are difficult and problematic. At least the ones that I know are better kept at a safe arm length distance. So maybe is better to keep them as friends. I also bet a bit but only because I always win. I used to work in a famous casino got fascinated by the possibility of beating the roulette as a subject of study without hardly betting and after forty years I cracked. So now I spend a couple of hours in the evening in a nice quiet betting shop and win a bit. But I don’t do it for money only because I beat the bookies therefore because I’ m a minimalist I only take a little just for fun, for passing the time and paying a an occasional meal with a friend in a nice Italian restaurant . I don’t go to casinos because I don’t like them and I’m not a gambler. It has been a great satisfaction and achievement for me to have done what in fact is impossible, but I made it possible after forty years. Unfortunately I can’t give away the secret because it would create chaos. Besides the love of money is the curse of humanity.

      2. All of those things are great. I do the same thing with gambling. I like to play some small sports bets, not a lot of money because mostly I do it for the entertainment value.

      3. You are right. On the gambling topic I also do it because I need a purge valve for my tendency toward addictive behavior. If I don’t have a small outlet I will explode! lol

      1. I have time only now to do it during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s breaks. Their scheduling and mine is all over the place.

  4. Having lots of people come to my (beautiful) home, wining and dining them, showing hospitality. Just getting to know and love on as many people as possible. Oh, and watching lots of Netflix.

    1. I like the idea of entertaining friends over drinks and dinner too. And I have to watch myself around Netflix as I have been known to be a binge watcher! lol

  5. Volunteering at my son’s school and doing international charity work. I would set-up a program where parents and their children can do missionary work to meet others that are less fortunate and hopefully change their children’s attitudes about being thankful for everything.

  6. All the money, I would travel all the 50 states and live in each one for one month enjoying their culture, their way of life for the state and everything.. I don’t travel but this would be my goal in life with money not an option.

      1. Maybe, or something else. What I mean is that I would continue doing what I do as long as I think that is what I should do. Big money can easy disappear and if you’re not use to handle big money they will disappear. Safest way to keep them is to continue life as it was before. But I’m only guessing πŸ™‚

      2. ah, I get what you are saying. I figure that once someone with no money issues travels and does all the exciting things, they return to normal life and find something to do. Much like what you are saying. Makes sense.

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