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  1. Not long actually. I don’t think I want to be friends with someone who speak to me like how I view myself. God! The agony! But I think that is something I need to work on myself.

  2. I understand where you are going with this, but, I would like to think my friend would speak to me from the heart and the truth, of course this all depends on how highly you see yourself. One, should always acknowledge their self-worth

  3. I guess my friend would be confident about me while speaking to me and advice me wherever I go wrong. He/She would be of the opinion that ” It’s never to late to learn”.

  4. A long time I would like to think. Although I do have my doubts and am quite realistic in my dreams and goals, hopefully if they had the right attitude they would accept what I said as constructive criticism.

    Though I guess I could understand if someone didn’t want to be friends with a person, who was always careful and not encouraging them to take risks and live dreams etc..


  5. My brain took a while to digest this question but the answer I think is forever as I can say anything to my friend and her to me and to me that is true friendship. You should not think about what to say to your bestie.

    1. The idea is to point out that if most people spoke to a friend in the same manner they spoke to themselves, their friends wouldn’t tolerate it for long so be careful how you speak to yourself. Or something along those lines.

  6. Forever because we would consider ourselves very lucky to have a friend who speaks with such unselfishness and is so helpful. With me what you hear is the way I’m. Full transparency and honesty with nothing held back.

  7. I have a few friends I talk to in the same way I talk to as myself so… As it turns out, a very long time… they talk the same way though, which is probably why we’re such good friends! Thankfully, we can laugh off, shrug off, and sometimes just completely ignore each others more harsh/”probably should’ve put a filter on that one” comments!

      1. I am very fortunate! They’re like part of my family… I guess you could be right about my self talk, but I can definitely be too harsh at times. I guess it all just sort of balances itself out.

  8. Oh wow… you really make us think hard… Honestly I’m not sure… Probably not for too long. I’m pretty hard on myself and I think unless this friend has some kind of very weird preferences she/he would be out of here pretty quickly…

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    Tough question, don’t you think so too? I’m still wondering how long someone would stick around if I would talk to this person the same way I talk to myself. I’m pretty hard on myself 99% of the time. I think that 1% of being nice and supporting might not be enough to keep a friend around for long.

    I mean, honestly, wouldn’t you suggest a person to get out of a friendship like this if the only think you’d hear is tough criticism? All you get to hear is what you do wrong and that you probably can’t do this or that? When all you hear is how stupid you are?

    It actually makes me think again about the way we treat ourselves. About the way we “talk to ourselves”. Isn’t it interesting how much worse it seems if you imagine how much it would affect a friendship?

    In the end we are all we truly have and are in control of. And somehow we always manage to treat ourselves so much worse than everyone else… Time to change it!

    Danny, you’ve done it again!

  10. I’ve made the conscious effort to be a little more gentle with myself. When I realized at one point that I was a lot more understanding a forgiving to other people than I was to myself, I decided to face my perfectionism head on and not let it rule my life. Now I try and hold myself up to a fairly high standard, but balance that with forgiveness when I fall short!

    1. I once spoke harshly to myself but have stopped it for the most part. Now I practice speaking to myself the same way I would a stranger. Patience and kindness are the key.

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