27 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/1/16

    1. I am curious by nature. If I see something that interests me I will spend tons of time reading and researching. I love experiencing new places and meeting interesting people. History intrigues me. Being curious is what keeps me young.

  1. I’m curious to a fault. It’s extremely important to remain curious because it’s the only way to find out things. In fact for me curiosity is the soul of creativity. Besides it keeps the mind inquisitive and young.

  2. I am curious about things I’m interested in. I’m curious about how the publishing world works because I’m heavily involved in it. It’s the same with technology. When I go to the grocery store and buy a pound of ground beef, I think it’s better not to be curious about how it got into the package. I guess you could say that when it comes to knowing how the ‘sausage’ is made, it depends on what kind of sausage it is that determines my level of curiosity.

    1. That is funny to use the sausage example. I can get caught up in contemplating the silliest things like how stuff is made. After hours of thinking about it I’ll watch a video and the process is nothing like I expected resulting in me having wasted hours on something so trivial. Lol

      1. It translates to how I approach books. I do my own formatting and marketing, but there are things like designing the cover that I probably could do if I needed to, but it is so much easier to outsource and let someone with expertise do it for me.

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