7 thoughts on “When bloggers just disappear.

  1. Life is an illusion and nothing is permanent whether virtual or not. One of the reasons why bloggers disappear, I think, is because there are too many choices nowadays and when there are too many choices people keep jumping from one to another trying to find something that can solve all their problems or get quickly bored. It’s one of the reason why though I can teach many things in ways that nobody else can I refuse to teach simply because nowadays people don’t appreciate anymore anything so I don’t want to waste my time. Returning to choices in the old days the only way to communicate was to write letters to each others by hand which they did or even put messages in a bottle and throw it in the sea hoping that one day somebody would find the bottle in a distant shore and read the message. This thought has just come to me while writing this reply and I suppose that one could call the messages in the bottle as being an ancient sea blogging. However I don’t care if people disappear because in the end the serious and dedicated ones, like you, stay. In my view they are born journalists and hugely much better than those journalists that write for the media.

  2. If anything, I wish people wouldn’t take their blogs down and delete them. It is one thing to walk away and stop posting, but destroying what took so much time and effort to create seems senseless and irrational to me.

  3. I just started my wordpress blog, but the truth is I am hoping that my writing here will help me build real friendships with real people in my community. The cyber world is not all that appealing to me. Over the last few years I have built some websites trying to share what I have learned with my friends and family but they just don’t seem to care or have an interest in my writings. I do come from a very antisocial family so that is most likely the reason. I have decided to grow away from the antisocial life style I was raised in and become more outgoing. My hope is to connect with other writers in the Cincinnati Ohio area and build real friendships with them. To me blogging is more than a way to promote a product or service to make money, it has a deeper purpose for me.

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