36 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/5/16

  1. My computer and I have started a more deeper relationship, I have learnt to trust it a little more and I think it likes me more now ! We could be on our way to be coming a great Team, maybe in another year we could be perfect together !!!

  2. I know the names of Pokemon .. Lol .. Joking well I really can but on a serious note I can be more present and am still learning how to be more present on social media to promote myself as a hairstylist..

  3. I am actually thinking about doing an ultra marathon next year…this time last year I would not have thought about it this seriously but I have been having great training this summer and think I should just keep going and give it a go next year. So ask me next year and see if I did it!

  4. I finally uncovered the mystery of internal energy with my Tai chi study and can use it to promote health and calmness. I managed to contact embassies and most probably I will have exhibitions of my works in them including the USA one in London if I decide to. I taught myself to play the piano. I could play other instruments but not the piano. The reason was that having not full control of my left hand due to a disability I thought that I couldn’t but I managed to overcome it. I’ve learnt to love and enjoy my company instead of relying on that of other people who for one reason or another never give it. This last has been the toughest one but I was helped by a quote of Blaise Pascal who said : β€œAll of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I’ve to thank him for it.

  5. I just got a very interesting reply on a application for a job. It was the best I’ve ever received. It was the nicest no I have ever received and I got offered a casual position I actually prefer to the original job πŸ™‚ How awesome is that? The reason I did not get the job but the other position instead is because I worked with that team early this year already and the told me that having me in certain positions not only gave them the peace of mind of having someone reliable there but that I also had a calming effect on the people who were working with me (which is really important). Now to answer your question: Today I can truly say, that I can give a team of young and highly motivated people something they need and can guide them. I can say that I know that I can be someone people rely on and that I can get the jobs I like if I truly want to πŸ™‚

  6. Say I’ve never been cut by a slicer! I’ve worked with industrial slicers in a deli for over 3 years. The other day, I was swatting a fly and managed to cut myself right on the pad of my right index finger!! Won’t do that again!

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