What Are You Allowing to Distract You From What is Important In Your Life?


Today I went online to do some research and before I knew it Facebook had sucked me into its vortex and I had wasted 30 minutes scanning and reading a bunch of junk.  It did bring up an important thought that I want to talk about.  What are you allowing to distract you from what is important in your life?

Too many times I watch friends as they are hyper-focused on some small problem or some minor decision while they allow huge issues and problems to continue on in their life. They allow themselves to be distracted with some ancillary factor and spend their life ignoring problems that, if addressed, could change their lives for the better.  Have you done this?  Are you doing this right now?

Why not put a stop to this insanity and address what really matters?  Why not bring these unaddressed issues to the forefront and remove this burden from your mind and soul? Isn’t it time to remove this stress from your life?

26 thoughts on “What Are You Allowing to Distract You From What is Important In Your Life?

  1. I have lived with stress all my life and I can’t see it going anywhere soon. Maybe if I had someone in my life besides family things might change, but at the moment it is the same old thing and no desire to change it.

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  2. It is very easy to get hung up on something totally unrelated or unimportant. Sometimes it’s easy to get out of it, sometimes it keeps hanging over your head like a dark heavy cloud. I think we all know the problem… you really have to make yourself aware of the issue and pull yourself out of it.

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