57 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/7/16

  1. Mine probably isn’t my all time favorite, but the one that I notice the most… Near our appartment, there is a major industrial bakery, and from time to time, the whole neighbourhood smells like freshly backed sweet buns! I just love getting out of work, taking a first deep breath of fresh air and getting that smell 🙂

  2. Incense! (In my top 10.) Why? Instant relaxation. Takes me a far away place, in a moment’s time. Combine in with some spa music and a candle, and I transport from my body to my soul. Scent-filled nirvana. Heaven indeed.🙌

  3. It’s cliche for me being an Italian, but I love the smell of a pot of tomato sauce simmering on the stove when I come into the house. Sometimes, on Sundays, I’ll start a pot cooking before we go to church and I love that smell when we get home.

  4. Being the controversial cook namely the magician of food, it must be food and it is. My favourite food smell is that of “Castagnaccio.” This is a Tuscan cake that used to be sold in the streets of Tuscany. It’s made with chestnut flour (which is sweet by the way), water, virgin olive oil, pine seeds, sultana, a pinch of salt and rosemary. It was once a poor people cake that is why it was sold in the street. Unfortunately nowadays chestnut flour and pine seeds are not as cheap as they used to be so they don’t sell it in the streets of Florence anymore. Anyway I always loved the smell and obviously the taste to and when I smell it today it brings immediately to my mind memories of my childhood of when the world was poorer but less complicated and happier. http://www.italyum.com/bakery/224-poor-man-s-chestnut-cake-castagnaccio.html

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