48 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/10/16

      1. Gossip has two different intents. First to entertain. That’s my kind. I like to chat to get the latest dish and entertain my partner in dialogue. It’s banter. However, entertainment purposes must be truthful, without ill intent. Example? Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton heading to Oklahoma for her bday. Is it intrusive? Yes. Is it destructive, no.

        That leads me to the 2nd kind of gossip, which is destructive. Spreading someone’s intentionally private struggles in life or creating falsehoods for your own gain. That, to me, is not gossip. It is unforgivable. My son (may he rest in peace) was a victim of that by his own uncle. The Uncle, Aunt, and their children are no longer part of our family and were not welcome at my son’s funeral.

        So yes, gossip can be destructive if in the wrong hands. In my hands, I use it as “banter” to help me cope with my grief. I prefer to have something else other than my recovering family to talk about sometimes. And the Uncle, Aunt and their family are now being removed as my other son’s Godparents. So if anyone wants to spread that one, go ahead. Lol.

      2. Ok I see what you are saying. I was referring to the 2nd type. I honestly had not put much thought into the first as gossip. I was going more off of the definition of gossip.

      1. Ya ,its human tendency to join ,I knw how it feels when they are talking behind your back,everyone knows that feeling,its bad so I try not to do it,even if I do I feel guilty and im glad almost im away from gossiping.

  1. My aunties set examples of what to not talk about 🙁 so I grew up loathing such drama. Long ago I noticed how a dear friend I admire greatly never mentioned anyone not present. I fail sometimes, but I do my best to practice the same standard. When I can’t change the topic of conversation about someone not present I quickly excuse myself from it. <3

  2. No, and I have little respect for those who do. Gossip is something that is intended to be hurtful to someone or cast them in a negative light. I remember living in a neighborhood where someone was letting their lawn grow wildly The neighbors gossiped and one even turned them in to the homeowners’ association because they didn’t like the people that lived there. I knocked on the door and found out the husband had a heart attack and returned with my lawn mower. Sometimes you have to stop gossiping and just reach out.

  3. I hate it. Gossip is much more typical of women than men. I think that it’s because all through history women were mostly housebound so in order to occupy their time they gossiped. I tries to stay away from gossiping women because their gossip is a sign of personal mental problems as well as envy, conceit and contempt. As the proverb says: “A person who gossips about others is telling more about herself/himself than the person they are gossiping about.”

    1. I am not sure about the first part, but I do like the proverb you used. It is very telling of the person who gossips. I view gossiping as small-mindedness.

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