How Simple Habits Will Make You a World Beater

How Simple Habits Will Make You a World Beater

Are you aware of the power located in the 6 inches of space between your ears?  Do you understand how simple habits will make you a world beater?

Each day you have choices.  Either you decide to do everything in your power to overcome and succeed or you decide to roll over and allow life to have its way with you.  I have decided to do anything in my power to succeed.  I refuse to quit and I refuse to allow life to force feed my mind the belief that I should settle for less than.  

On the wall of my work station I have my goals written down and with those goals I have a simple plan designed to help me reach them.  And to the side of that set of plans I have a simple reminder: “Executing simple daily habits results in long-term goal achievement.”  I know that if I practice solid daily habits that eventually I will get what I want.  For instance, I want to be the top digital sales rep in my company.  This is a lofty goal considering I work for one of the largest media companies in the United States and I have only been with the company for 50 days!  We have 176 newspapers across the country, not to mention the countless other media related subsidiaries.  But I will not be deterred from reaching my goal.  


In order to reach my goal I determined the totals sales in dollars I need each month and used that number to determine how many deals I must close.  Then I used my closings per month number to determine how many presentations I must make.  The number of presentations determined how many assessments I must conduct which then allowed me to know how many appointments I must set.  And in order to book the necessary number of appointments I determined how many cold calls I must make each week.  I then broke my cold call number down into a daily number.  All of this allowed me to determine that if I make the right number of cold calls each day then I will book the necessary number of appointments which will eventually lead me to the sales totals I desire per month.  My entire yearly goal breaks down into one simple fact-I must make 40 cold calls each day.

This is important for one primary reason-I was able to reduce a gigantic goal of being sales person of the year down to making 40 cold calls each day.  You see, setting goals is important but the work is in the daily doing.  You must understand that the the simple habits will make you a world beater.  To do this you must start at the end and work your way backward to determine what you must do each day to reach your desired result.  It really is simple mathematics.  If you desire to lose 100 pounds, then you start there and determine how much weight is the healthy expectation per month.  Then break that down into a weekly goal and then set daily habits to support your weekly goal.  

By doing this you take the pressure off of yourself.  I don’t think about being the top Digital Specialist for my company.  I think about making my 40 cold calls each day trusting my plan and having faith that if I do, then I will reach my goal.   

So going back to my premise that you have choices.  Each day you can work toward a goal or you can have no goals and flounder; the choice is yours.  Personally, I think working toward a better version of Danny is important.  I don’t accept the idea that I am who I am and there is no need to change.  I want to be a better husband.  I want to be a better salesman.  I want to experience better health.  I want to be a more compassionate person. I want to be the best example I can be to those who look to me for advice, guidance and/or perspective.  

Each day I ask myself if I am doing everything in my power to work diligently toward my overall goal.  Are my daily habits supporting my overall goal?  Or do I need to refocus?  I think many times we pay lip service to a goal but we never take the time to align our daily habits with said goal.  Therefore we never build any momentum and the plan never gets off the ground.  

Maybe it is time for you to evaluate your daily habits.  Are you eating a lot of fast food?  Do you drink tons of sugary sodas?  Are you lazy?  Do you only do what is required at work instead of going above and beyond?  Do you allow yourself to make excuses?   If so maybe it is time for a revolution of your mind.  You have the power of a nuclear warhead sitting between your ears, but only you can unleash it. 


18 thoughts on “How Simple Habits Will Make You a World Beater

  1. It is totally time to evaluate my daily habits! 😉 I’ve started making some big changes in that area over the last month. I still have work to do, but I like your way of thinking…taking that big goal and reducing it down to the first step. I’m going to give that a lot of thought. Hope you’re having a great Monday. 🙂

  2. I love this post. I don’t think of myself as goal-oriented. But yet I am. I have goals and dreams, and I’m working toward those. But I need to reevaluate to see if I’m doing the right things to reach my goals. And be stricter with my deadlines and goals. Hmm… I think I may be worried about making set deadlines. Sometimes I feel like I’m floundering and making excuses. I feel so much better when I’m productive. I’m going all over the place with this comment, can you tell I’m a bit confused? And I’m a very organized person! 🙂

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