Welcome Dream Big Partner: Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Blog of a Mad Black Woman!!

BOAMBW Original Logo





Here is an excerpt from the her About page:

Mother | Blogger | Animal Lover & Advocate | 1950’s Vintage Enthusiast

First and foremost, I am a mother to a young boy. I enjoy watching him grow from strength to strength, developing into his own character. His smile melts my heart and he knows it!

A Domestic Abuse survivor, I write about real life events, explaining what I went through, how it effected me, how I escaped, positive quotes, plus more.

I am also an Animal Advocate. I have always loved animals, but decided to ‘be their voice’ after my (ex) husband murdered my kittens out of spite.

Please feel free to check out my other blogs:-

A Day in the Life of Maximus Octavian ~ The World of a British/American Toddler

Lady P Vintage ~ Mini Reviews from a Vintage Style Enthusiast

Much Love❤


You will find the Blog of a Mad Black Woman’s logo in my sidebar for easy access and on the Dream Big Partner’s page at the top of my web page so be sure to check out her page and tell her Danny sent you!

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