One thought on “No further inspiration required!

  1. The British government has invested an enormous amount of money in the Olympics that is the main reason why British athletes won so many in medals in the last two Olympics. Nothing wrong with it on the contrary, but at the same time they have made huge cuts in education and in National health care which is not good. Moreover while many athletes won medals and sport has been hugely promoted which is a good thing the overall population, especially the young, is getting fatter and more unfit. This means that the passion or desire for participating in active sport or doing exercise somehow is not being transmitted to the rest of the population. This said the success has been great even if Russia participation was diminished and I reckon that it will continue for the foreseeable future but at a cost. However considering that the over pampered and overhyped English national football team continues to disappoint in major tournament having done so well at the last two Olympics is a great consolation..

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