71 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/23/16

      1. Seems to me that would eliminate war, bullying and torture, all things we should stop doing as a species. Thanks for a thought provoking question!

      1. How would I define evil, well, with everything going on in the world, I would need so much time, but, basically the cruelty and injustice that goes on around us, I never thought I would see, at times I feel we are going back in time, war is evil to me, to hurt other human beings is evil, as I said we would need alot of time for this, but I think you might get my general idea from this, thank you for asking

  1. The love of money. While a bit of money is necessary for getting the basic things needed for survival and for a bit of comfort, the love of money is the root of all evils. Once the root is eliminated all the evils that stem from it are also eliminated.

    1. A world void of love of money would sure be a different place with much different social norms. I am sure hunger and homelessness would be virtually eradicated.

    1. So you choose to eliminate a creature. Are you afraid that the chain reaction of eliminating a creature would cause huge problems in the ecosystem? For instance, if you eliminate honey bees the world as we know it dies. What if roaches hold some unknown value that if eliminated causes some other species of bug or animal to grow out of control? lol

  2. Oppression of those that are underrepresented in society. I don’t mean this in the typical way. I’m being specific with regard to children that are brought into this world and then abandoned to a life of foster homes and failed adoption. Those that defend the sanctity of life need to follow-through and not just celebrate a successful birth.

      1. As a parent of adopted kids, I can tell you that those first formative years are important and, if they don’t go well, it’s a lifetime of potential pain for the kids.

  3. Not sure 1 would do. I would start with prejudice because if that was gone and people could see others for the gifts that they really are, maybe they would open up instead of running through the world with blinders on and hurting themselves and others.

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