Welcome Dream Big Partner: Moore To Say!

Welcome Dream Big Partner: Moore To Say!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Moore To Say!!

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Here is an excerpt from the Moore To Say About page:

Michael Moore enjoyed success at every level within the hospitality industry before moving into real estate investments and further on into finding his voice and purpose helping others help themselves. Michael wrote The Bartender is Your Landlord, Why the Wealthy Elite Invest in Real Estate and How Anyone Can Join Their Ranks as a bridge between his passion for business and his desire to give the world a hand up. Currently Michael has joined Loughery Mural Artworks Foundation to work with Wayfinder and to build crowdCONNX.com a web site that Michael hopes will build a community of real people sharing and supporting each other. Finally Michael has began the blog MooretoSay.com where he shares his books, books he has read, philosophy, poetry and anything else he can think of. Visit him athttp://www.mooretosay.com, http://www.crowdconnx.com,http://www.skopikinvestments.com and http://www.glowbalgroup.com. His book can be found at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1772770159


You will find the Moore To Say logo in my sidebar for easy access and on the Dream Big Partner’s page at the top of my web page so be sure to check out her page and tell her Danny sent you!




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