49 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 8/25/16

  1. Dance. I have found through my own dancing that I am meant to dance. I am able to express what I am feeling, act as if, create in the moment, keep energy moving, breathe deeply, put all of myself into the movement. Therefore, I believe that children, teenagers, and adults benefit from moving there bodies. I believe that dance is a way to freedom, self expression and brings the community together.

  2. I think I would like to teach a class on postive perspectives, not everything is bad for you and the positive can come when you find a positive spin on it. Everyday is a new beginning and should be taken in fully and a happy moment should be found in each day, I.e..you woke up, you have friends, you have love ones, live is good everyday..

  3. Early Childhood Develolpment along with Parenting Classes/Giving parents the knowledge beforehand makes all the difference in the nurturing of a child.😃

      1. Emotional Intelligence, awareness, acknowledgement,to others, having manners being polite whether this be your friends, family or some one you do not know, there is at times a total disconsideration to mankind, to be correct and nice to another costs nothing, except a little home education and respect.

  4. I would teach a class on how to live a happier life. In the past I have had a hard time with this and I think this goes for any age really. I think it’s important to put yourself and your happiness first.

  5. Psychology of relationships. One of the best classes I’ve ever taught as a psychology professor. Begins with relationships with ourselves – motivation, self awareness, self reliance, ownership etc. And ends with relationships with others. Emotional intelligence 101.📚❤️

  6. I can teach and have taught several subjects such as drawing and painting, instrumental music, languages, swimming, cooking. Oddly enough the one that I would prefer to teach, in fact I’ve taught it in the past would be Tai chi. Why? because at a deep levels it covers all the aspects of life and existence, besides it’s inexpensive to practice and promotes mental and physical health. As a second choice it would be the melodica or/and the chromatic harmonica. Why? because they are small portable instruments with lovely sounds that one can take anywhere and they are very relaxing to play especially the melodica that is the instrument used in Japan for teaching music to children.

      1. It’s a passion of mine… it creeps into all of my teaching anyway role play can help so many situations and helps foster empathy within children 😊

  7. I do teach a class. I teach financial literacy to high school students, as a volunteer for Make A Difference Wisconsin. I really enjoy doing this, and will devote more time to it when I retire.

      1. That is why I am doing my Masters in Creative writing in October and I still continue to volunteer with Mental Health charities. I want to bring teenagers with mental health issues from the community to come together and be creative-
        Creativity does not mean you have to be a professional to be creative. 🙂

  8. I would teach about the spiritual life of the so-considered “poor countries”. It would not be about religion, but about what people do, how they confront simple problems and great problems and still give a smile to the world.

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