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      1. I just feel like most people have kind of figured out what they want in life by that time and they’re ready to start settling down. What age do you think?

      2. I think maturity comes in the 30s. So I am eliminating the 20’s because too much change happens when you are young and you don’t really discover yourself until your 30s.

  1. Different for all.
    But in my opinion mid 20’s as you will have finished your education (hopefully) and taken some of ‘those ‘ holidays and possibly entered the job/profession of choice. If not… thing is there is never a ‘right’ time… this is like asking when the right time to have a baby is!!!!

      1. Oh goodness yes!
        Back in days of old, in my culture, girls were married at even younger ages. Not just promised to a family. Then delivered to their husband once puberty had hit, and womanhood was achieved… Not right at all!
        They need to be consenting adults at least, and able to make decisions consciously. Sometimes that ability comes much later….

  2. Different countries, different numbers but the universal answer would have to be ‘when you are ready’, whether it is 21, 25 or 37 or even later. It’s one’s call.
    For females, earlier the better and for males…later the better. At least in India 🙂

  3. October the third 2012 at two forty on the white sands of Ouahu with four of our family; him n me. A large and happy Hawaian minister, a circle of Orchids, a huge conch shell for calling out to sea and his wonderful assistant camera in hand, tissues and sun block…. it was the most perfect time

  4. Certainly not 19, the age I married. I didn’t have a chance to live alone in this world and finish growing up. when I got divorced in 1999 after 23 years of marriage I was thrown to the wolves and didn’t know how to take care of myself. I went from my father to my husband and never had to take care of myself. I was alone for a little while, but now I am back under dad’s roof.

      1. LOL. Because men don’t know what they really want before 30. They need to get their rocks off and want to willingly settle down with a woman for the long-term. They usually know if the don’t marry before 35. Women on the other hand need the same thing. A woman goes through changes and by 30 she definitely starts to find herself. Getting married a few years later allows her to be the best version of herself without scaring the heck out of her husband.

  5. I would say after 25 to 30, you know yourself a little better, what you want etc in life, everyone is different, some, never know what they want,but at this age you have a better idea……………………………

  6. My cousin though me wanting to be married at 27 was too late. Now I think that was too early. It’s not about the age in more ways than one but I guess putting Biology into consideration puts a cap to the marriageable age

  7. I don’t think there’s a right age to get married. I got married when I was 22, and my husband ws 25, I still hadn’t finished college, and we were not financially stable by a long shot. Everybody told us we were crazy and we should wait, but we were in love and didn’t listen. People expected us to get divorced within a few years, but now we’re very close to celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Who am I to tell anyone they should wait or not? When you’re ready, you know it.

  8. I believe the right age to marry is not when everyone is getting married but whenever one has attained the maturity to understand the complex intricacies of a relationship and be able to do justice to their role as a spouse and that might as well be in the 30’s .

    1. Yes yes yes! I always tell people they need to understand the very definition of commitment or don’t get married. Too many people these days are quick to divorce. Marriage is hard work sometimes.

  9. I don’t think that chronological age is a good determinant. I think it’s an emotional state. My wife and I were 21 when we got married. Our parents felt we were too young. We knew we were ready and now, 31 years later, it seems to have worked out. I know plenty of people, however, who are in their 30’s and 40’s that are not emotionally ready for that commitment. It’s a state of mind, not an age, in my opinion.

      1. I am a bit more pessimistic in believing people shouldn’t get married until they reach their mid 30’s. lol Too much changes physically, emotionally and mentally between late teen years and 20’s to get married. Most young people don’t understand how to determine a life-long mate nor do they understand the definition of marriage commitment. This last part is why the divorce rate in the US in 55%.

  10. I tend to say whenever you truly feel ready to settle down. For me it was between 25-30 when I felt that I’m ready. But then it depends on when and if you meet the right person, right? So that might take longer too. In any case, I believe that you must have “lived” a little bit as a unmarried person. Not that the ring on your finger should change much, but from the moment you put it there you are a couple. It’s about you and your partner and no longer about just you. So do the “just me” stuff before. Does that make sense?

  11. It’s different for everyone. I was 21 the first time around and way too young. There are plenty of people that are ready at that age though. I would not pretend that what wasn’t right for me couldn’t be right for them.

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