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    1. Well Jim, true psychics from my experience (lived it all my life) are more interested in helping others than winning the lotto. The charlatans just like the money they get for a false reading. My mom was a medium and didn’t charge for her help and then after she passed we paid a medium to come in and do a reading for the immediate family. The things he was says were very right on, things she would have said. He refused to let her take over his body and talk through him. I have heard others talk through my mom. Weird experience to watch and listen to.

      1. Charlatans are out there, but my parents had a group and they all “see” and they have told me some interesting things. And the one we hired definitely was saying things my mom would have said. Some were funny even though she had recently passed on.

      2. It was shocking when I was little and things happened. Then more startling when I was older and learned more. The first time another voice came out of my mother’s mouth shocked me to silence and a little fear.

  1. I do believe some things are unexplainable. Not sure if its psychic ability or not. I also dont think people who believe they have that ability are necessarily charlatans. That being said, I do know of someones elderly mom who got duped out of $600 by a “famous” psychic. 😠

  2. I believe we all have psychic capabilities. But not in the “Hollywood movie” kind of way. More in the empath / emotional intelligence way. We have the capability to tune into others. That said, it is a muscle that must be strengthened and stretched every single day. (Constant use of smartphones vs human interaction weakens this ability significantly) We must pay attention. Focus. Be mindful. Then and only then do our (super)natural abilities emerge. Great question!✨

      1. We all have gifts in different ways, if a doctor is good at his job, he charges ! if a service is given in any form we are charged for that service, healers charge ? so yes I think they can charge if that is what they wish, we always have a choice, it is down to the individual.

  3. I know that there are psychic abilities but they are forms of energies not yet discovered and that they may never be discovered. They are called paranormal only because we don’t know them, once they would be discovered they would be normal. Exactly like electricity that was regarded as something paranormal before it was discovered. Some animals have them because their senses and intuition are much more developed than ours. For instance: pigeons and other birds can travel around the world without compass probably due to a sensitivity to earth magnetic fields, pigs and even dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen and cats can sense that a sick person is going to die as it has been shown in some hospitals. Most probably some primitive people called shamans, who were genuine shamans and not charlatans had them because they were more tuned to nature and the forces of nature. However the only ones that I’m aware of are psychic healing, the ability of positively influencing people and even animals in getting better and the ability to predict the very near future which I experienced once. This last I believe that it is due to the ability of the brain in very rare instances of being ahead of time by a tiny fraction that also happens in the environment of subatomic particles. As a Tai chi teacher of many years of practice I study the Chi, an internal energy or force present in nature and in the human body. Chi is the name that the Chinese gave to it though it was also known in Japan as Ki in India with the name of Prana, to the ancient Greeks as Pneuma the ancient Romans as Vis vitalis and so on. Basically it’s the life force that as far as I know is what animates life. Whether one believes in it or not is a personal matter but it is supposed to be a healing force that can be controlled and used in beneficial ways to heal oneself and others. This said there is also a negative psychic power that happens when some selfish manipulative, egocentric people suck the energy from others that is something that we all have experienced in our lives.

  4. I personally do not believe that people have psychic abilities, although I respect those that have different opinions from mine. Personally, I believe that a lot of these ‘psychics’ work upon chance, they know what sort of things their client wants to hear, and they are capable of honing their craft over the years. A lot of people will want to believe, so they will. I feel like it’s possible for someone to get subconcious opinions or facts about someone through body language, and other such cues, that they may not realise they’re picking up on due to body language. Perhaps this gives them the feeling they have some sort of psychic ability.

  5. I agree with Nikki. There are many people out there who have natural gifts for seeing and describing the unknown and who have psychic abilities yet there are also many frauds.

  6. My mother, my sister, and myself have all had several prophetic dreams (which were not about ourselves), so I definitely believe in psychic abilities. There’s a lot of fakes out there, I’m sure, but there’s also genuine talents out there too. In fact, I think everybody has a certain degree of psychic ability. Call it a sixth sense, a hunch, or intuition, but it’s there. Some people just have more talent or ability than others.

  7. I believe many people honestly believe they have psychic abilities and sincerely want to help other people. There are also complete frauds that take advantage of hurting, desperate people.

  8. I think everyone has some kind of untapped psychic ability. Did you ever dream of a song and then it’s the first one you hear when your alarm goes off? Did you ever think of someone and they call you on the phone? These things might be coincidences, but who knows. As for the psychics that take money from you and say they can communicate with your dead relatives, I’m not buying it.

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