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  1. I don’t think peace is possible with Religion. Faith is different to Religion. Faith requires Hope and Hope means there is a chance that Peace can happen but it will not happen in such an inflexible institution​ that combines all the different Religions of the world.

  2. Unfortunately with religion, there is more often than not a lack of tolerance, which is contrary to what most religions teach. We all need to identify that everyone has different views, even when it comes to sharing the same religion, and be more accepting and tolerant of others. We try to force our views on others that feel just as strongly about theirs and conflict arises. Kids are not born to hate and be intolerant, we teach them this. The sooner we teach tolerance, the sooner the kids that are growing into adults help to make changes in the world.

      1. I believe that without religion there will be anarchy. I know that some may think that religion separates us but it also brings us together.
        I believe that for some people religion brings peace… and for others it brings war. It’s all a matter of opinion.

      2. For the sake of argument, I don’t believe that the war was about religion… they just used “religion”… the war was about greed, don’t you think? Again, it boils down to respect.
        It is sad that men (humans) have used religion to manipulate others who were ignorant or didn’t know any better. This has happened many times where Catholic priests from Spain and other parts of Europe have migrated and taken over other countries and raped their women, stole their properties and made their men and children slaves in exchange for the promise of heaven in the afterlife. It’s no different than the promise of 77 virgins for suicide bombers. I’m Catholic and I feel sad that this happened in the past but I don’t blame religion or the church. As the saying goes, to err is human. How can we blame religion? It is neither negative or positive, good or bad. It is what it is.

  3. One has only to look at history to get the answer. Polytheistic religions never caused wars because of religions . Not only they were tolerant by they even absorbed the deities of other religions. The problem has always been with monotheistic religions that are uncompromising dictatorships of one only god, always masculine for that matter, and that like any dictatorship don’t admit any other god. Even in the supposedly tolerant Christianity Jesus said: “If you are not with me you are against me”. The same problem is with other monotheistic religions. In other words dictatorships don’t admit other viewpoints, beliefs or ideologies except theirs.

    1. I hold the opinion that modern views of Jesus as a pacifist and only being a wise teacher are false. He was trying to lead a revolution of society, government and religion and was more than likely more aggressive than we will ever know.

  4. The biggest reason in my view is not religion but politics. .As for religion, the problem lies in perhaps an extremist interpretation by ill-educated people. Can we ignore that many a times people perpetrating terror in the name of any religion may be having ulterior motives or hidden agendas which have no connection with religion ,maybe.

    1. I would argue the opposite actually. I would say religion is present with most people from a young age, not politics. Politicians are indoctrinated first then become turn to politics later in life.

  5. Woah, Danny, that’s a tricky question… I would say no if simply looking at history… but then isn’t religion about peace? Or at least it should be… It’s also a fantastic tool of power. A tool that allows you to move people in a way you want if you are holding the reins…

    There is someone in our life that we all called a friend. He is big in believing in God and the Bible. He was always a bit extreme in my opinion but it was in a peaceful way. Over the last couple of months though that all changed. He is now preaching about getting a weapon to protect your rights, your family. He is preaching about getting rid of “sinners”… I find him rather dangerous.

    I often wonder who religion can be used in such a manipulative and actually aggressive way. I wrote about it before and I’m pretty sure I saw you like or comment on at least one of the posts as well. I know it’s not the right etiquette but hope you don’t mind that I share this link here: https://amommasview.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/wolf-in-sheep-clothing/

    Religion should be about peace but unfortunately it isn’t. It’s often pushed to the extreme. And where there is extremism there is conflict…

    1. I agree that in an ideal world religion would help connect the world, but in practicality it does the opposite. This might be the most complex question I’ve asked. I was hoping to get a few ultra-religious people talking but it seems that most of the comments mirror our view that religion creates conflict.

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    Fantastic question and I wonder what your take on it is? I love Danny’s Question Of The Day. You should check them out. Lots to ponder about… Especially this one.

    As much as I’d like to read your comments here, I disabled the option to comment here on my blog. I would like you to leave your comment on the original post on Dream Big, Dream Often. I will keep heading there to read the comments as I’m sure there will be many very interesting ones to come.

    The discussion about religion is not only a hot iron but also a never ending one…

  7. i think that we can achieve peace if religion and politics stopped back stabbing society. What I mean is that churches don’t pay taxes and can have loads of property but the poor who can’t afford a place struggle. politicians are greedy, and religions don’t always have honest people practicing them. I also believe we will not see peace until we rid the word race from the word. Nationality should be above race. No one will want to start a war over an American killing another American. Race needs to be deleted. I am a humanist and I think human nature is to be stubborn. – words of a humanist

    1. Religion and politicians are corrupt and hungry for power and money. Until this ends both will cause conflict in order to maintain their power and keep their money. Unfortunate. πŸ™

  8. Peace is only possible if there’s respect and acceptance for the attitudes and opinions of others and sadly I don’t think a lot of religions provide that. There are too many fanatics out there.

      1. Sorry about that. My comments don’t show the complete conversation and I took this comment as a response to the original question, not the follow up. Conversation foul on Danny….penalty? 50 pushups. lol

  9. Until all religions agree to co-exist because each one is valid in it’s own way to it’s own people then we’ll never have peace.The world will have to unilaterally agree to disarm and abandon weapons and politicians agree that they will no longer start wars just to gain control of resources from another Country, then we maybe stand a chance and can concentrate on repairing the damage to Mother Earth so there’s something left for generations to come.

    1. That first part is so true. If religions would just say “you stay over there and we’ll do our thing over here” the world would be better off. Plus they need to lose the “we are right and you are wrong” mentality.

      1. My reply would be similar in that I think peace might be possible if all religions, religious institutions and religious people, would just subscribe to the following thought.
        I’ll believe what I want to believe and you can believe what you want to believe but none of us can believe that what we believe is the only true or right way to believe.
        Unfortunately, this won’t solve any of the historically political issues i.e. the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Russians and all the other countries that used to be part of the USSR. the Turks and the Armenians, all the countries in the Middle East that were formed by the French and the British after WWI, and probably a bunch of others that I haven’t learned about in history classes. Yes, I know that many of these have religious undertones but I think if they subscribed to my suggestion it might at least open some more possibilities for political and/or geographical solutions.

  10. Yes, I absolutely believe that we COULD have peace with religion. Let the government be secular and let the people have their churches. There’s nothing wrong with believing in something, there is a lot wrong with forcing belief on someone, on both ends of the spectrum.

    1. That is fine for individual countries, but what about countries with different religions or sects of the same religion living close to one another? This seems to be when conflict arises.

      1. Well, I didn’t think that far, I guess I haven’t really come across many fundamentalists in this country. In all reality I think it’s a pretty pointless debate, I don’t believe it’s a subject that people will ever agree on, and in all reality it scares me how passionate some are. It’s wrong to try and change what people think, so you you have to make the law as fair as possible, so if fundys do go overboard with opinions in a violent way then they get in trouble.

  11. Not until there is tolerance and acceptances of differences. In my career, I have had the occasion to work alongside people of many ethnic backgrounds and religions. I remember, in 2005-2006 working with a group that had many Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christians. Our Muslim team members were allotted a conference room with a window that faced east for morning prayers. We were very sensitive of not eating in front of them during the daylight hours of Ramadan. Everyone worked well together and we learned about each other’s cultures and religions in the process. That experience helped shaped my current thinking where I don’t demonize an entire group because of a small subsection of bad actors. I fear that certain political candidates are steering us down a road where peace and religion will be at odds. If it’s any consolation, I was heartened to see that in North Florida, candidates that aligned themselves with that philosophy of exclusion were soundly defeated in our primary on Tuesday.

  12. Yes, absolutely. The main attribute of religion is supposed to be love. IF people would show that love to others, regardless of their different beliefs, *then* we would have peace. Unfortunately though, some religions were never founded on love, but rather, on hate. Other religions were founded on love, but many of its followers have seem to have lost their ability to do so and have turned to judgement instead. Some have simply forgotten to love, because they are so caught up in their own selfish agendas. God is love. Love for all. That doesn’t mean we must always agree with one another, but we *should* love and show kindness to one another regardless. If people would remember the foundation that *God-instituted* religion was first built upon, then yes, peace along with religion would be possible.

  13. Great question and discussion, Danny, et. al. I am not presently able “like” comments, but reading this convo thread reminds me feel people aren’t as lost as the media would have us imagine. The word religion sends red flags flying. However, in my experience when people practice relationship with God, not merely pursuing religious systems, but invest in knowing and understanding that relationship, then peace can prevail. True, history is full of examples of people forcing their religious beliefs and dogma upon other people without regard to those people or their histories. That’s about control – epic failures. No worries. Love wins.

    1. I think the issue is that religious people tend to look at other religions and life in general as right and wrong. And ever worse, we are right and they are wrong. Then the line of thought leads to, we are holy and they are unholy. Next, we are good and they are evil.

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