Success Comes In Many Forms

Success Comes In Many Forms


Success comes in many forms and as most experienced people understand money means almost nothing in life. Yes it buys a few more things and will make the ride a bit more enjoyable, but things are not what life is about and things are not what success is all about. Success is about how you live your life. Success is being someone who people look to for advice. Success is measured in your ability to add value to the world around you. Success is feeding someone who is hungry. When I die I hope to be successful in these ways. My success will come in the form of how much of my time and energy I reinvested in the lives of others.


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  1. Very true, I’m a believer, but could always use the reminder. In writing, success can be measured by how good it felt to write a piece, or whether your words really expressed the meaning, or whether someone reads it and it takes them away for a while. Thanks for writing this!

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