I Have Been Fortunate…Or Have I?

I Have Been Fortunate…Or Have I?


I have been fortunate in my life.  I was raised by great parents (hi mom!) who instilled in me to work hard, dream big and expect to be happy.  I have always had great jobs working for industry titans which have provided a lot of stability in my life.  I have traveled to some great countries and spent a short period traveling around a good part of the United States.  Now, I have a loving wife and the most beautiful little puppy in the world, Sir Bentley McStinkerson.  Evelina has designed and decorated our home to look like an In Style magazine photo shoot which is nice to come home to after a long day at the paper.

I have been fortunate…or have I?  Do any of these things happen by chance or is there a god who has shown more favor on me than others?  I guess it is possible, but I have also worked hard in my life and committed myself.  To say I have been fortunate has the undertone as if to say I have been lucky; like the roll of the dice.  In that sense I give an emphatic NO!  I am where I am, doing what I am doing because of hard work, a strong character and a little fortune.  I do not believe I am doing anything special in life except believing in myself and trying to add value to the world around me.

So, back to my original statement-I have been fortunate in my life.  All anyone has to do to experience fortune is take years of dedication, skill, hard work and add in opportunity…that is the recipe for fortune.


20 thoughts on “I Have Been Fortunate…Or Have I?

  1. You have overcome a major medical condition, and that shows dedication and true grit. It’s OK to give ourselves some credit when we’ve succeeded, in spite of life’s obstacles. Bravo!

  2. My son always says, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” You’ve worked hard, improved yourself, asked yourself some tough questions, and have been open to growth. You’ve been fortunate from the standpoint of being the person you are so you can grow to be your best.

    1. I always love it when friends or family say “he’s lucky.” In a small way it shows their limited thinking of themselves and then in another way it irks me because they easily dismiss my dedication. I do agree with your son. 🙂

  3. I told you my Dad’s story in short and I totally agree with you. I think chances present themselves to every single one of us. It’s about what we do then with those chances and there’s the point where being fortunate and determined, working hard, grabbing this chance and make something out of it meet. It needs all of it to get to a certain point. It’s something my Dad taught me. From actually realizing that there is a chance to take advantage of to doing it and making something out of it and then keep doing what you have to do to maintain it…

  4. I completely agree. I often say, “It’s all about the choices we make.” Choose to dream big, choose to work hard, choose to have high morals, choose to put family first, choose to have a positive attitude…. I could go on and on. Fortune plays a bit into it too, but mainly it’s the person, the choices made along the way, that form his or her life.

      1. I was being facetious. You wrote, that’s all. I think your list of “all” was pretty big, and a huge challenge. But I agree with you. I was just being me, that’s all.😄

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