11 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/10/16

  1. I have several but two immediately come to mind. Cruel Summer by Bananarama takes me back to high school when my best friend and I ditched class. I can picture us in her car just having the time of our lives. 😉

    Glycerine from Bush takes me back to my pregnancy. I must have listened to that album a million times. It was quite emotional when my son learned to play it on his guitar…he had no idea how personal it was for me. I mean he did once I couldn’t hold back my tears. 😉 <3

  2. Like Nikki, I have quite a lot of them, but I tried to look as far as I could back in time. And the winner would be”Right here waiting” from Richard Marx. In my childhood, my father was a big fan of hopping in the car and driving around for hours… Kind of family road trips, and he played that song all the time! So when I here it, I go back straight to sitting in dad’s Nissan Pathfinder 😉

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