22 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/11/16

  1. In college. I had just gotten out of class. My roommate and I was watching the news and we saw it all unfold. They’d cancelled classes for the rest of the day. I remember panicking and needing to call my Grandmother and Aunt in NY. My Grandmother had worked at a theater in Downtown Manhattan. It’s a day I won’t ever forget.

  2. At work watching the towers be attacked and fall. They sent us home halfway through the day and my interview for a permanent job there was put on hold. I took that as a sign I wasn’t meant to work there. I temped for a while longer and then went back to my old job.

  3. I was at work at an advertising agency. We actually watched it on TV while it was happening. Our boss let us go home early so we could spend time with our families. I went and picked my son up from daycare and took him to the park. A very sad day indeed.

  4. I was in a classroom in SW Louisiana attempting to motivate at-risk students to learn something — anything that would help them to graduate one day. They didn’t understand what was going on, and neither did I, but I knew our world would never be the same.

  5. I was putting on my socks, getting ready to go to school ( elementary ) at 7 AM. The TV was on CNN, but on mute. I was looking at 2 buidings burning, and I thought it was just a movie.

      1. Then , we got an overseas call from my aunt in the Philippines, and ( accdg to my mother ) my aunt was like, ” is your TV on ? ” My mom said yes, but on mute… GO WATCH IT ! DO YOU KOW YOUR UNDER ATTACK ? “

  6. I was at work. It was in the earlier days of receiving mail alerts by email and I received an alert from Google saying that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers. I quickly searched and found that it was true. Someone quietly rolled a television into our cafeteria and people gathered to watch and we saw the second plane hit. Work was pretty much over for the day as no one could focus on anything else. I quietly slipped out of work and went and picked up my kids at day care. I just wanted to be with them. I remember one of them asking, as we watched the endless news coverage, ‘what movie is this?’ I had to tell them it wasn’t a movie, it was real and something that likely would change our world. It did.

  7. I am in Canada. I had just dropped off my two older kids at school and took my youngest to the park to play. I came home and had Family Channel on for her as I made snacks. One of my best friends called me and said “Turn on CNN” Couldn’t believe it. Called my husband and he said they had it on at work. Saw the second plane hit and the buildings fall. As someone who is not American, I can honestly tell you we all stopped that day as well to watch in disbelief. Not to bring politics into it but we are all watching again this year as you decide your next President. Whether we admit it or not, your votes may change the world completely.

  8. t was a beautiful warm, sunny early fall day in Switzerland. I had the son of one of my friends with me that day.

    My husband had just only returned from a business trip to NYC the day before. We were house sitting for my parents and I took my friend’s son outside for a ride on a pony.

    We were back and brushing the pony when I heard the news about a plane crash in New York in the radio that was always playing in the stable. We finished and went to the house where I found my husband watching the news. Usually with international news you had to go to CNN for the latest ones but this one was all over the channels.

    It was still discussed if it was an accident but then became clearer that it was not.

    And then we watched as the second plane approached. I sent my friend’s son to get some water. I knew the plane would hit the second tower, I didn’t want him to see it… It was too low. My friend picked up her son then.

    My husband and I kept watching what was happening. We were numb. Watching the people jump. Crying.

    Some of our friends were in NYC at the time. One working there only a block away.

    Another one just flew in as a flight attendant the day before. The crew had the tradition that they would eat breakfast at the restaurant in the WTC the morning after flying in… They never made it to the WTC that morning. One of them had left her purse in the hotel room and then got stuck in the elevator. They others were waiting for her. Then they got stuck in traffic. They would have been up there… we thought they would be up there. Her Mom called my husband at one point, asking him if he’d heard anything from her… She couldn’t get a hold of her daughter and she knew that hey had a table booked for 10am…

    I don’t know for how long we sat in front of the TV, hoping it’s all just a dream. Just a story, just a movie.😦

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