68 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/12/16

      1. Not sure. in my books i say yes and i explain why, but it’s an optimistic guess. however if it exists it’s not a spirit but a form of energy. Same goes for God if it exists. The spirit or spiritual dimension are an abstract fantasy.

      2. What if the Greeks were wrong and the body isn’t simply a shell for the independent soul? What if the body and the soul are one? Wouldn’t this explain the natural instinct to survive at all costs? Because instinctively we know this is all there is?

      1. Yes. Except if like to think we can now, finally use those qualities to let go of the lows of things like poverty and inequality for good, now. War is over, if we want that to be true, we know that now. Choice time.

      1. I believe I have. But why can it not be possible for multiple options? If someone is married for a number of years to their “soul mate” and that person dies, is it not possible to have another soul mate?

  1. I would like to know whether or not my youngest daughter has the same disease that my twin sister passed from 30 years ago. The symptoms are different, but the pathology of the condition encompasses a very wide range of issues and diagnosis’. ..On a less extreme note, I would want to know if my little girl will learn to walk and/or talk someday.

  2. I’ve used this as a journal prompt in my class except changed ‘correct’ to ‘honest’.
    The number one thing students wrote was “What was in those emails you deleted Hillary?” Ha.

    I would ask “did I do enough to make sure my children are safe and healthy?”

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