47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/14/16

  1. None. Why should I be ashamed to admit that I like a song? I’m even not ashamed to sing it. And I have many talents, but singing is not one of them 😉

  2. I frankly, when I like a song or a song pops on in my mind I just sing it. it can be a song of this year or a classy jazzy tune or even an old old song from the folk lore and I don’t care, I just sing it! LOL

  3. I like pretty much all types of music and I’m not ashamed to say it or sing the songs but I like Country, also. One of my co-workers likes to kid me about it, calling me Charley Pride. I then say to her, “How do you know about him?” 🙂

  4. Recently, I went back to an old love, or should I say 5 of them… And even if I wouldn’t say I am ashamed of it, I definately woudn’t want other subway riders to hear my New Kids on the Block playlist… LOL But still, “Grown man” and “Dirty Dancing” make me look like a bobblehead every time… 😉

      1. LOL indeed!! But to my defense, back when they started, I was a yoooung teen, and 100% targeted audience.

        I still feel silly, now looking on my soon to come 40 candles, still humming their tunes in the subway! 😉

  5. “Miss you much” by Janet Jackson. Don’t ask me why I can’t say it out loud, it’s a wonderful tribute to her beloved, and to my husband too. So what if it’s 80s stoneage video tech? The dancing is still amazing to me, anyway.

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