I Get Accused of Being a Liberal

I Get Accused of Being a Liberal

Life isn’t as hard as we make it out to be. The problem is that many people are quick to put their “beliefs” ahead of human relationships. I would hazard a guess that many of my friends who constantly post hate filled memes about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have never had the opportunity to get to know the person behind the persona. I am betting that many of my Christian friends have never met someone who is transgender and had a simple conversation. Most of my friends have never met any Muslims and talked about their life and/or upbringing. Racism and hate are a tricky thing. They are used by the powers to keep people divided. The weak minded will continue to push hate and racism in many different forms: memes, posters, posts, media shares, etc. All the while thinking they are simply protecting their own “beliefs.” Unfortunately the only achievement is the perpetuation of division; division of the races, division of the classes, division of the religions.
I get accused of being a liberal. I guess because I’m not completely convinced it is time for Islamic concentration camps. Maybe because I am willing to consider other’s opinions and world-views? I’m not sure why it is important to some to label me. Honestly, I don’t care. What I do find interesting is that many of my personal beliefs that earn me the “liberal” label come straight from the New Testament. Help the homeless, support those in need, be slow to anger, don’t judge, show compassion, turn the other cheek, feed the hungry, love your neighbor, etc. It seems to me that many are quick to judge and stand on the mountain to proclaim their “beliefs,” yet extremely slow to actually help someone.

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  1. Come to think of it, if Jesus were alive today, He’d be a Liberal, too, and worse…. He’d tell the rich to share their wealth with the poor, push for universal health care, to love people no matter who they are… the prostitutes, LGTBQ, ……

    ” Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the earth”………

    You’d be in good company, Mr. dray0308. Rejoice.

  2. There are two types of Christians. Those that take the New Testament to heart and try to live by its teachings, and those that think Jesus is a get out of jail free card to be as nasty and reprehensible as they please.

  3. Thanks for speaking out. When folks get hateful, as humans do, I always think of the Book of Isaiah, Chapter six: “Then the Lord said, whom shall I send, who will go for us?” Then I said “Here am I, send me.” Speaking out against injustice and hate isn’t very popular right now, so I applaud you for doing that. If Jesus taught us nothing else, it was to “love one another as I have loved you.” It sounds so simple but certainly not easy to live up to, nor popular in this divisive age, but it’s righteous. Blog on Danny!

    1. I notice something on Facebook that I want to ask here and maybe a few others will chime in if my perception is not accurate…Why does it seem as though the majority of self-espoused Christians are the first to be in favor of capital punishment, the first to exclude Muslims, the first to alienate, the first in line to judge others, etc.? Or am I being hyper-sensitive in noticing? I could be wrong but I don’t see a lot of my “Christian” friends doing a whole lot of anything to help other people. And I find this fact to be sad.

      1. I have a dear friend who is an AOG minister, and he is a caring. loving person. He and his wife gave me hope for the future in my hour of need. They love one another so much, and that’s wonderful for me to see. Reminds me of me and my Morris. I think those who spend a lot of time ranting on FB are just nutty and immature., I believe the truly committed Christian folks are out there doing good works, not spewing on FB. Love is an action, not a FB post. Keep the faith, as my Dad always said, with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

    1. And I reread my post to make sure I didn’t type something which came out differently than intended. I’m curious how you come to the conclusion that I am reinforcing a stereotype when I am talking specifically about my friends who are Christians, whom I know and can view their actions; not all Christians. And I am confused as to what stereotype I am reinforcing?

  4. Wow! Danny, you are one amazing man. More people should think this way. No wonder we live in a crazy, chaotic world right now. We’re surrounded by so many close minded people. I believe that all human beings are prejudiced to a certain extent but we just really have to respect each other.

  5. The word “liberal” means simply to be open minded open to ideas and not a slave to orthodoxies or beliefs. We live in a world of instant communication and the flood of communication means we need to be able to communicate what may be quite profound ideas in a simple and quick way, and the result is that ideas and ideals become labels. You are labelled a liberal not because you are seen as open minded but because you have ideas and ideals that others dont like. By the same token those who think contrary to your way of thought are often labelled racist or xenophobic or politically correct. Political discourse is very much like that, instant sound bites, encapsulation complex ideas in one word and that spills over into all aspects of life. It is part of the massive price we pay for this globalised world. Those who aspire to lead us, all of them, indulge in this very same thing contrary to what they should be doing which is get rid of it. Labelling people, putting them in boxes will be the death of free thought on any side in this world if we are not very careful.

  6. I think we are all guilty of seeing what we want to see, be it on the liberal or conservative side. People are too quick to point fingers and say “but” because they are already imputing another’s motivation for saying it. When I lived in the south, some of the most compassionate and generous people I ever met lived there. Our congregation had both rich and poor and those in the middle. When someone in the community was in need, be they black, white or whatever, everyone rallied to help. They didn’t wait for the government or any organization to step in, they just did it. Sometimes they were taken advantage of but they never let that bother them and yet they would do it time and again. Their philosophy was that everyone will be accountable to a higher power. I think when we stop second guessing one another for why we feel one way or another, we will be so much better off. It just feeds hate.

  7. I agree. My belief is that the bible was written by men, and men are fallible. You can find anything worded in the bible to support your beliefs, whether it be love, or hate.

    1. I think there is a lot of history and wisdom in the Bible, but it’s important to glean what is beneficial. It’s history shows us basically that nothing that man does is new.
      I think what it states as Jesus’ “new” law was to love God with your whole body, soul,and mind followed by love one another as you would love yourself pretty much sums up every thing we need. There were no boundaries set to that love, no stipulations. What a novel idea.

  8. I totally understand. I’m not sure why we are so binary with beliefs. In some things, I’m very conservative. In others, I follow a more liberal path. Just because I refuse to believe that a certain orange-hued reality TV reject won’t make a good president, people automatically say that I’m a liberal. This offends me. I’m looking at the person, not the political party. I too don’t believe that concentration camps based on religion are the answer. It seems to me that the last person who tried that wasn’t a very nice person.

  9. Danny,
    I loved this post- it is fundamentally and ideologically ( if that’s the word I want) sound. The Protestant Reformation wouldn’t have happened if people had not started thinking and questioning age old beliefs.
    Liberal or not, Democrat or not, Socialist or not, what you state are fundamental principles of life by which if everyone would live, the world would be a far saner place. Honesty and Integrity are goals to which everyone should aspire for. I don’t mean one should be honest or open enough to share “embarrassing” truths about oneself to the world but I mean one should be honest to oneself in one’e own private moments.
    It is good to have a reality check once in a while- Jesus used to take time off his work to pray and go away from the crowds- perhaps he wanted to get in touch with his own inner self and his basic honesty.
    Tolerance for others is a great principle to live by, if we want to have a peace filled society.

    1. Hello Susie! I agree with you 100%. Regardless of the label, treating people humanely should be “normal” behavior. Too many of us are quick to categorize others which is a huge part of the problem.

      1. Driving by a Walmart I saw a man and two children holding a sign asking for help. Inside, people were saying the W. manager had offered him a job and he refused. They were upset at his refusal and were not about to help him. Not knowing the whole conversation, I wondered why he had refused. There could be lots of valid reasons, but no one seemed to care about the why of it. They just dismissed him as lazy.

  10. It is such hard time for all and I can\t see a way out of this. The only one the
    can help is to except Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, Believe in the
    Father the son and the holy spirit.

  11. The only way that we can get passed this is if millennials and younger generations unite to find balance in the world. Older generations are too divided, and it’s usually the older generations that are making the decision which divide us as a nation. Being a liberal, or being a conservative is irrelevant. What IS relevant is the fact that older generations won’t allow the newer generations to make decisions. Pretty much all millennials and below are considered liberal by older generations, at least 80%…and it’s not because of our political beliefs (which differs greatly when it comes to economy, and abortion). We’re considered liberal because we consider everyone equal, we want free stuff like school, and healthcare etc. We feel bad for the homeless, we want to take care of animals, we want schools to stop closing. We just want the world to not revolve around greed. If you align with these issues, then you’re a liberal. You can be a liberal conservative…all it means is that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that you want everyone to prosper, regardless of their background. A modern hardcore conservative is not a person of reason or respect. They aren’t willing to help advance society to its next level, every man for themselves. These are the guys that use racial slang to describe people, and don’t bat an eye. Take pride in being called a Liberal, it means you’re a good person.

      1. Yea, honestly the best way to do it would be to just legalize marijuana recreationally…it’s worked wonders for the school system in colorado. If that’s not an option (even though it looks like may happen eventually), then raising taxes on billionaires would be a good start, the top 1%. Trump hasn’t even paid taxes, that’s why he won’t release his returns. And if that’s not gonna work than how about no interest loans, where we can pay it back over 10-20 years with no interest. A friend of mine borrowed 50k, and has to pay double that or something. The issue is if you privatize school making it way to expensive, while at the same time getting rid of labor unions, and keeping the minimum wage where its been for last 20 years, there will be an entire generation of people who won’t be able to learn a trade, and won’t be able to attend school.

      2. The issue is that the value of education against the pay in the market is out of balance. Plus not all kids are qualified to go to college. The suggestions are ok, but will not happen in my lifetime. I’m not sure free education is a right in the U.S. You have to earn it imho. I worked 2 part-time jobs in college to make ends meet and get my bills paid. Then in the summers I worked a full-time job and a part-time job to save money for school. I graduated without a student loan.

      3. yea but i doubt you had to pay 60k a year for school, on top of living expenses, on $200 a week. Some state school cost less, but still 30-40k per year around here (philadelphia) I agree that you have to do well and prove yourself in order to take part in the educational provess…what i’m saying is that I believe that once you prove yourself, you should be able to go no matter what. There are people with straight A’s who can’t go because they’re too poor. That shouldn’t be an issue

      4. I guess our paths separate at being given something other than the opportunity. My education was 30k per year almost 30 years ago. I worked very hard and sacrificed a ton to make it through school. Life is what you make it. In the end I diverge from the millennial thinking because of few core principles: 1. I don’t believe someone else should pay for anything I want, and 2. life is not equitable.

        I do admire the millennials on almost all social issues thought such as race, gender, religion, hunger, etc. Although I find some of the values of some millennials to be idealistic, I also find their thinking to be a challenge to current politicians which I like.

      5. This is a piece from my blog, it applies to directly your response – “We think differently, act differently, socialize differently, learn differently…nobody understands us. And no matter how much they try, they never will. In one generation, the way people think has changed so dramatically that the older generations just don’t get it. They don’t realize that any governing system, regardless of application, must change and evolve with it’s people. WE are the change, WE are the evolution. We just have to make them see it.”

      6. I try to understand, but their are certain core values we disagree on. Fight for feeding people, equality among the races, freedom of religion, etc. But when anyone begins to debate that they feel entitled to free education then they lose me. But I can also understand the millennial frustration of being so different. You guys are the first generation to grow up in a technological, social media driven world. And after all, we are not all going to agree, but the conversation is nice. I hope you have a great evening in your part of the world. 🙂

      7. Yea you too buddy, good talking. Food for thought before you leave….you left out that we are the first generation that feels “entitled”. With that entitled mindset, comes wanting to be given things…school is included on that list. We view life as a right, and everyone should be able to do whatever they want…the difference between us and older generations…is older generations have this idea that life has to revolve around working hard to get what you want…we only want the pleasure aspect in life, and we don’t understand why we have to work hard to gain something that we feel should already rightfully be ours. It’s just a mindset thing.

      8. That’s not just a mindset thing. That is a huge difference in ideology. Nothing in life is free and when you are my age I hope you are okay with the hefty tax rate that comes with paying for everyone’s college because the burden always, always falls on the middle class.

      9. Everything in life used to be free. Older generations are the ones who made up currency and decided everything had to be worth something monetarily. We’re not even allowed to collect rainwater, while Nestle is selling water from California which has a record going drought. Michigan is selling MILLIONS of gallons of water for HUNDREDS of dollars (yes that was written correctly), even though flint residents don’t have edible tap water. Kids in Detroit have to travel over 2 hours in some cases by public transportation to their local public school because all of the other ones have closed. Most cities and townships don’t allow you have a garden. Farmers aren’t allowed to harvest their own seeds…they are forced to buy them new for every harvest. A middle age couple that lives 20 minutes away from me got sued by their township because they run their home completely on solar power. This is the ideology you’re defending by saying nothing is free. We simply believe that living on the planet should be a pleasure for everyone…not a struggle.
        We have the technology, and creativeness to make things relatively low cost…big government, and big corporations are holding back resources, and technology because they stand to not make as much money. It’s as simple as that. The younger generations understand this, and it’s being misconstrued as entitlement. Obviously, when every lawmaker in america is a millionaire, they’re going to control the resources.

      10. A smaller gov would reduce the amount of greed and corporate ties, and ultimately save money.. The size of the government is irrelevant as long as the majority of them cares for its people…The gov in general, or at least the current one, is the problem. The role and views of government aren’t dictated by size.
        The millennial view on the government largely is that they’ll come after you…once you’re in the system you’ll have problems forever. The only reason the government should exist is to help its people, not help make money for corporations by passing legislation. The government scares us, so a smaller government is the answer…but that doesn’t mean the role has to change.

      11. They could learn a trade…unions offer apprenticeships. The biggest trend you will see is that practically no millennial has a mentor…they simply aren’t there, not sure why though. In a scenario where the government cares for its people, unions would be right along side helping build the infrastructure that the government is funding. Which would provide jobs, training, and a career. You don’t need a big gov to figure out how to move money effectively and fairly. There’s enough to go around.

      12. I try to appreciate your views but they are so idealistic that I can never see greed not getting in the way. But I was an idealist when I was younger too.

      13. I think all millennials and younger generations are idealistic…except we’re taking the idealism into our 30s. If an entire generation of idealists takes over government, then the gov itself will be an idealist, a front runner, innovator, etc. The government is what it’s people are, if we’re a generation of idealists…then our government will become that. You’re right that greed gets in the way, but my generation feels that we don’t have the luxury of being greedy since we’re inheriting a demolished planet that needs some serious saving. That’s why we’re so idealistic i think.

      14. This is just proof of the generational thought gap lol. Most of my generation (at least who I personally know and have met), thinks that there are 3 options for our future. Nuclear War (probably the most unrealistic), global warming issues that cause societal collapse, or that there will be a massive financial collapse again…in all 3 scenarios we’re screwed. It may not be what will actually happen, but it’s what we feel could happen if things continue on their current path.
        When you grow up with technology that can show you any possible worst case scenario you desire to watch, during a financial collapse, after 911 happening – all during our childhood. We basically have grown up in world where all we see are extremes. So that’s now how we view the world. Whether it’s logical or not lol.

      1. The only reason people say it can’t be done is because they aren’t willing to try. Anyone can do something if they put their mind to it, and really care about the task at hand. Politicians simply don’t care because of their numerous personal dealings, and self interests. They’re happier arguing and playing political cat and mouse than they are actually compromising to help the people who gave them their job. If the highest level politicians in the world, and the smartest corporate minds came together and invested in our country, and actually cared about what happened to the people, and the planet. Then everybody would be going to school for free. Everyone would have food on their plates, clean water to drink, and a safe place to raise their children.

        These people are using mainstream media to tell us something isn’t possible…when in fact they simply don’t want to put in the effort, or give up a personal interest.

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