50 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/21/16

  1. With early onset cervical and lumbar spondylosis, a lower than average metabolism and above average mental energy (CPTSD), exercise to me is as important as water and food. Curiously, I just drafted a post to encourage others to make exercise fun. Like minds, eh Danny. <3

  2. Been a runner for way too many years to count. Go to gym in the winter when weather is less hospitable. Yoga for over 19 years. Saw my Mom die young and do not want a repeat of that in my own life.

  3. I used to be way too obsessed about physical fitness and the perfect body. No longer. If I feel good and my clothes fit, I’m OK. Also, quitting smoking after I lost my husband to a stroke earlier this year was probably the best health decision I’ve ever made. I’ve always been a pretty hyper person, so weight was never an issue for me.

  4. I try to walk a lot and I do with a toddler lol. We go to parks walk to the library the high school has a walking track or running for u over enthusiasts and also a walking track outside the YMCA as well as the local state park and in the winter we utilize malls ball pits my parents tredmill

  5. I place enough emphasis on exercise that: 1) I never have to worry about fitting into the clothes in my closet. 2) I feel great in my own skin. 3) I have fewer digestive problems. 4) I can walk up and down the hill that is my driveway, and not feel out of breathe. 5) I am grateful for being mindful that exercise is necessary to sustain a higher quality of life.

  6. I used to place a large emphasis on it and still do but after my multiple ankle surgeries in ’13 and ’14 and subsequent long recoveries, I’m trying to get back into the swing of it. It sometimes hurts to walk what with the hardware that’s in there but I’m going to try to modify it in a way that I can do it without doing any injury to myself because I miss it a lot. 🙁

  7. Exercise is important for me. I try to stick to a 5 days a week routine. I do short HIIT workouts at home, mix it up with going for a run. Sometimes I need to push myself but I always feel so much better afterwards. It clears my mind as well. When I get thrown out of the routine because of being sick or an injury it takes a bit of effort to create this routine again but I usually manage 😉

      1. Sometimes it screams at me… 😉 I think you are right. That’s why I keep pushing myself even if I have a lazy day. Just need to keep the eating habits in track too.

  8. None in the past. (I was very active.) Now, I try to go out walking for a half hour at LEAST every other day. The fresh air and sunshine are good for my mental health, my body needs the vitamin D, and the rest of me needs to keep moving now so I’ll still be able to in the future.

  9. It’s at the top of my list together with food and relaxation, but at my expenses I’ve learnt to moderate it. Like for everything too much exercise is not good for health, in fact it can be very bad and even fatal. I also think that exercise should be creative, diversified and playful otherwise it becomes a chore and leads to a rigid mind.

  10. The 90 degree heat has taken it’s toll on my normal summer activities, you know, biking, hiking, all the good stuff. I have just recently made the commitment to get some trampoline time in every day I don’t do Zumba or something else along those lines. In all reality, my saving grace is that my job has me moving around on my feet the whole time. They say that if you sit for long periods, even intense exercise cannot undo the damage. So key is to get moving and keep moving (even if it’s not very fast!!)

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