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  1. Absolutely. My husband used to say that his Marine gunny sergeant told him, “Keep moving forward, remember your training and cover your [posterior].” Some days, that’s all we have. On good days, we have something to look forward to. Life’s what we make it. Like my Dad said, “Keep the faith.” Peace.

  2. Yes always, they are the motivational motor we all need, It can be anything your heart desires, from being healthy, wealthy , ambition in your work place in your family life,a holiday, a car, a baby, a soul mate I could go on forever,!!

  3. Back in the day I rejected goals, routine, schedules. I wanted to take life as it happened. A “recovering hippie” now, having come full circle, I’m learning to live in the moment. I appreciate goals and routine as long as they’re not carved in stone.

  4. Goals are good to have, but in a lot of matters it can get in the way to make them too specific. If the goal in some large area of life is overly detailed it is harder to adapt to changing circumstances and miss opportunities. Don’t get hung up in the details.

  5. I think that it’s important to have a direction. But goals not necessarily. Goals can be ambitions and ambitions or call them desires can become obsessions and delusions. Besides, once a goal it’s achieved the question is: what now? Which means one must have another goal because the excitement of having achieved a goal is short lived. I also think that there are no goals but never ending stages.

      1. Development. Achievement is a word used by consumerism to urge people to try to get what they desire at whatever the cost. It’s like the comparison of the donkey that is beaten by the stick and stimulated by the carrot that it tries to reach and eat that implies that if one endures the pain of the stick and gets the carrot is going to be happy but it’s not so.

      2. I disagree in part. Achievement comes in many forms. Completing a marathon. Reaching healthy living goals. Learning how to forgive. Helping someone in need.

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    Danny poses many great questions in his Question of the Day feature. This one once more started a big thought process in me.

    My response: Most definitely. Otherwise you lose yourself in the goals of someone else.

    I strongly believe this. If we don’t have goals we will be pulled into someone else’s “river”, a “river” we are not supposed to be in. The currents in that river will drain our energy and eventually we will end up being a shade of ourselves.

    So set your eyes on a goal, chase it, invest yourself and keep swimming in your river instead of someone else’s…

  7. I couldn’t live without goals… They force me to look forward instead of looking back. It doesn’t need to be a big goal, but the greater they are, the more exciting it is to work your way towards what you want to have or to become 🙂

  8. I think goals are necessary when you are a young adult. They provide you with a direction to start, and the first step in any direction is always the hardest. Goals are not as important later, as they make become more difficult to achieve or easier to give up. Goals change and usually the paths to achieve them become narrower as we age, usually because life keeps intervening.

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