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      1. My best friend lives in Charlotte. Things have changed. I woke up this morning with a terrible belly ache. I’ll be venturing out to see her next weekend, instead, pending her agenda via her calendar.

      1. That can be driven by societal revolution. And by hitting pocketbooks. Like your state, losing multiple events that are big money makers, for lots and lots of people. You start causing a loss of money, governments will listen.

  1. I dont have an answer, but I know for sure questions like this and not hiding from having a dialogue and listening are definitely steps in the right direction. Thank You for bringing it to the table.

  2. Dray, I’m sorry your town is going through this. As for the question, real social change is very difficult to do by design. Social systems are inherently resistant to change, especially at the level of the unconscious and unexamined presuppositions that drive interactions below the level of conscious deliberation. What we are currently calling, “implicit bias” is of that kind. It takes very uncomfortable and confrontational work to uncover its roots and dig them out. The issues in the current troubles in Charlotte have deep, deep history that this nation has not, as a whole, been willing to face, heinous wrongs done over centuries to peoples of color. A prophet is supposed to have said that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children. What has been done cannot be undone, but unless it is squarely faced and the wrong acknowledged, it continues, it returns like Banquo’s ghost to disturb the banquet, like the blood that will not was from Lady Macbeth’s hands, like Hamlet’s father’s haunting the battlements, like that of the murdered Czarevitch to Boris. Change is as much about the past as the future. It demands to be dealt with and will not go gentle into tha good night.

    “What you resist, persists”

    ― C.G. Jung

  3. First and foremost, be safe yourself. Sounds like a conflagration down there, which worries me for all souls mired in that mess of anger. I don’t pretend to have an answer and I don’t believe there is just one answer to such a complex problem. I come from Boston and remember the hatred around the “forced” busing issues that inflamed so much violence in my city many years ago. It was pretty horrible to watch every night on television when I was 7 years old. I believe solutions must address many issues, such as poverty, addiction and unemployment. My only other thought is that our First Amendment protects speech but not violence. Looting and shooting are not proper responses to perceived injustice. Sounds hokey, but I’d urge all citizens of Charlotte to call their state and federal representatives for help and answers. In a situation like this, the more folks who are brought into the conversation, the better. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth. Stay safe!

  4. I am sorry your town is going through a bad phase. I think to bring about change for the future you have to educate the children in a positive way, to make them want it is the first hurdle.

  5. Elect officials who will genuinely work for social change. After all, there was much protests and opposition against Social Security and medicare when they were first implemented.

  6. I do have the answer for improving society but when I did put the solution to high ranking politicians, media, institutions, big charities you name them I was met with bureaucracy or totally ignored. The problem is that these people like to talk but they don’t really care because they only care about their position of power while the population is too distracted with entertainment and consumerism to react. Just like the ancient Romans that distracted their discontented and restless population with bread and circus. The world has not changed and it will never really change. The only thing that can really change is a real crisis or catastrophe of some kind. It’s the same for a person who comes to senses when she/he has a crisis of some sort that make them reflect and take action. What is valid for a person works for the all society. Anyway your town may have a social crisis like the rest of the world but it’s not like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan or some destitute African country where life is hell. So be grateful for it and just look after number one. This is what I’ve learnt.

  7. I had forgotten that you lived in Charlotte. Be safe.
    I think to the solution is to change any of the forces that created this situation. There is no transparency or accountability in government or law enforcement. They have no been accountable to the people who pay their salaries for years, and are tainted with corporate money, which need to be taken out of government. And last but not least if you have a civil servant job (meaning that you are accountable to the citizens that you serve) you should be tested to show competence for that role. Your biases and mental state are tested daily and if those are not cleared to work, you shouldn’t be holding a fire arm.

  8. I’ve seen a meme the other day saying that the constitution was written with and by only white people in mind and that it’s time to make changes to it which will include everyone… I believe violence is never an answer. Deep frustration can lead to very weird reactions. Reactions people might have not thought they’re capable of. I wish there would be an easy solution, a kind one. A non-violent one…

    1. Me too, but I also don’t easily judge the violence. It would be easy to discount the frustration which undergirds the violence. There is a lot of frustration below the surface which is erupting now.

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