34 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/27/16

  1. I’m impressed with Donald Trump. He is tackling a giant role for nothing other than a deep desire to see American be strong and great again. He’s the only one standing up to the “political frat” The dems and the republicans are terrified of Donald breaking up their good ol boy party! I’m thrilled and wish him luck. I hope to God I see him rise and win! Donald Trump President of the United States.

  2. My answer is: “Turds of a feather stink together.” I’m not impressed by politicians nowadays most of them are all the same. They are only interested in getting elected and holding to power. I think that Donald Trumps is an egomaniac but he has got a good point in trying to stop Islamic fundamentalism in the USA though he takes the all problem to unpalatable extremes. Maybe Hilary is a bit better and safer but she is weak and not much different from Obama who is all words and no action. However my main question is: why candidates for the American presidency are always and only rich and powerful? Why there are no ordinary people who can try to become presidents too? To my it’s an elitist oligarchy not a democracy nor a system based on merit. This is why I’m not minimally interested in it.

    1. There was a President in Uruguay who would not get rich from his Presidential time. And when he left, he went back to his little beautiful house with his wife and his dogs and plants and trees. But the thing is, so many say he was the best president they ever had. I don’t know if it is true, but he did not want any power from being president, nor money. He said he worked for the people and served people.
      Some quotes:

      1. They just voted someone like that in the Philippines. He didn’t want to be president but nobody was strong enough to clean up the country from drugs, corruption, etc… He is so down to earth… they say he is the Donald in steroids (coz he is so tactless)… LOL

  3. First of all: I will never be impressed by Trump. But I have to give him that: He knows how to get his message out in very simply and short sentences. For the ones to understand who don’t want changes, who don’t understand where the issue is, who are hanging on to their jobs rather than seeing an opportunity in new ventures.
    I was impressed by Clinton for keeping her calm. He would have blown my top off.

    I so hope people will vote, young people will vote. Don’t give up your country! I think we all agree that none of the candidates is the perfect candidate. But Trump will not only destroy the US, he will take the world along…

  4. I was impressed that it took 29 minutes for Trump to start making faces.

    ok in all honesty….I was impressed with Trump’s debating in the first…say…20 minutes. But after that is went all down hill for him. I still can’t believe that he stood on national television and said that he was ‘Smart’ for not paying any taxes for years. I sat there utterly stunned.

    I was impressed with Hillary’s calmness. He was so patronizing to her right out f the gate. Telling her he wanted to be sure she was very happy with how he addressed her. The way he speaks to and about woman is simply wrong. He interrupted her countless times and acted as if he’d never been in a debate before. The fact that she didn’t lose it on him at any point is something she deserves a lot of credit for.

    My vote was for Bernie and had Bernie been on that stage last night things would be a lot different. 🙁

  5. Hillary’s wrong (I believe) we don’t need to retrain our police offiers they’re already trained what to with back of their hand. I know a few police who would be mad. We just need more security take guns from gangs and people who use them illegally(unregistered) so murders and terriosts can have guns but the mentally ill can’t to defend themselves if that have to. I say Trump my husband declares neither so I Trump his vote!

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