Email Question: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

Email Question: Why Do I Reblog So Much?


Rarely do I get perturbed by emails.  I always try to be appreciative unless the emailer steps over the line and is over-critical or is offering me unsolicited advice-unsolicited advice might be one of my biggest pet-peeves by the way.

The other day I received an email from someone asking me “why do you reblog so damn much?”  At first I thought why does it matter to this person how many times per day I hit the reblog button?  But then I figured I would truly explain the reasoning behind my reblogging.  As many of you know I have always used reblogging as a way to help other bloggers gain more exposure.  It is my way to help grow the community of bloggers and help others connect.  The funny thing is I don’t think I reblog that much.  Maybe I do and just don’t realize it?!

I don’t consider reblogging another’s post to be selfless in the same light as I don’t consider those who do not reblog to be selfish.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the big hangup is regarding reblogging.  I have been at this game for nearly 2 years (Thanksgiving will be my 2 year blogisversary) and sharing other’s work has always been a point of contention with most bloggers.

Why do I reblog?  I see it as a way to help others so I do it.


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  1. I don’t understand it either. Personally, I love reblogs & enjoy reblogging when I read a good piece. But due to the contentiousness, I’ve learned to always ask first.

    1. And I have run across people in the past who get upset if you don’t ask permission. I have always given free reign on sharing anything I post. If not I would take off the Reblog button. But some don’t like their stuff being republished.

      1. Agreed, if you don’t want your posts reblogged just turn off the button. If someone reblogs my posts I think of it as a compliment that draws attention to my post. Likewise, when I reblog someone else’s post I’m paying them a compliment and pointing it out to others.

    1. It makes sense to me and you and Jason both taught me through your actions that reblogging helps people and connects the community. Still, some people get really bent out of shape. I’ll never understand why someone publishes something on the internet and then is shocked that someone reads it and shares.

  2. Good for you. I like the generosity among bloggers. Some bloggers often retweet a post, while some reblog. I appreciate both, and have started to do the same on Twitter, Facebook and occasionally on my blog too. Of course, most readers want to hear directly from us as bloggers, so I try to be measured about the reblogging.

    1. Absolutely. It is a balance situation. At one time I reblogged a lot but have cut it down considerably. I receive a lot of requests and tried to accommodate all of them, but simply can’t. But I still do what I can.

    1. You would be shocked at the things people email me about. Especially unsolicited advice about my style or things I do/don’t do that people feel the need to tell me what I am doing wrong with my page. lol

      1. Wow. That just blows my mind. But then again, there are lots of things going on in our society in general I never thought I would see/experience or hear. Keep doing what you do. All AWESOME!!πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™

  3. i don’t understand the upset, either. if the reader doesn’t want to read a post, they don’t have to read it, it helps others, and it helps us connect to each other. we have the chance to find people who we otherwise might not come across. all positives. and the best irony, in a way, his/her question was reposted )

    1. In my response I mentioned that one can choose what he/she wants to read and ignore the rest. He/she informed me that there were probably 1000’s of people who read my page that felt the same as they. I politely said “you may be right.” Which is my way of saying mind your own business. lol

  4. I reblog a lot too for the same reason. If I enjoy or otherwise find value in another’s work, I want to share it. What I value is a reflection of who I am. Alas, with the increasing number of blogs I now follow I can’t share all the good stuff even when I find time to read it all.

  5. Honestly, your reblogs are one of the reasons I follow your blog. I’ve found some really good blogs to follow all thanks to your reblogs. By doing this, you help other bloggers navigate the huge universe that is the blogosphere, so thanks a lot, Danny!
    On the other hand, I find it flattering whenever another blogger reblogs my posts. I take it as a sign of appreciation. I also reblog posts now and then. It’s like you say, “It helps me, it helps you, it helps everybody.”

  6. I think re-blogging is fabulous. I always appreciate it when you re-blog my posts…as you know.
    I do a weekly Posts of Note where I direct link to posts I’ve enjoyed.

    My only issue is when someone doesn’t use the re-blog or a direct link, instead, copies and pastes it and then makes edits to my posts…adding thing or what not. I don’t like that all. I work too hard on my stuff to have it edited by someone else.

    I think you’ve proven that this method works for you and it benefits those of us that you re-blog. Keep up the great work Danny. And again…thanks for the re-blogs! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m interested to read that some bloggers are unhappy to have been reblogged. Unless your settings are private, I feel that what one writes is for public consumption. The internet isn’t real secretive that way unless by one’s own design their post is protected. On the flip, I don’t get why someone was unhappy to read the reblogs. I appreciate seeing the work of new writers, and discovering blogs I wouldn’t otherwise have known. I’ve found so many blogs on the recommendations of others. Don’t want to read them? Don’t. Simple solution! πŸ™‚

  8. Danny, you’ve been one of the most open and sharing people I’ve met on WordPress. Keep going! I’ve found blogs through your posts — I love what you do here. Ann

  9. I have a tendency to ask people before I reblog.. mostly I have found that people don’t even care to reply to me :/ Some have asked me and I said yes and they enever published… its sad but i keep going. Nice post as usual.. I hope to be more like you about this topic.

  10. I feel that being reblogged is a compliment in itself and a person reblogging someone else’s work is performing an act of generosity… Just my two cents. Keep doing what you’re doing, Danny.You can’t please everyone.

      1. I love to read articles that is in alignment with what I believe in. Whatever inspires or helps me grow or what tickles the mind… what makes me think.. You post a lot of those. Thanks!

      1. How big and kind of you to take the time to respond. Many would have sent the email to trash. But I think taking the time to reply — at least once — might help soften a hardened heart…

  11. I’m trying to understand his reason behind the negativity of reblog. I actually have a category for reblogging on my blog. I reblog when I read an absolutely unique content that needs more exposure. Reblog helps me so why not help others do same. In fact I feel so glad when I reblog and the blogger starts to get more exposure, it’s a very good feeling.

  12. Reblog is a great way to give visibility to new content. Why would someone object to that?! Unfortunately, those of us who understand reblogging, don’t get reblogged enough. πŸ˜›

    1. Some people don’t know you can take the button off the page, I guess. The odd thing to me is to post something on the web and then act surprised that someone sees it and shares. Once you hit post anyone, anywhere can see it. If you write something you want to keep private then posting online is probably a bad idea. lol

  13. i think reblog is a compliment. unfortunatly i cannot install or see the re blog button on my own new posts

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