My Healthy Living Update – 10/3/16

Have you ever had that moment when you realize you have been mentally lazy and in a split second resolve to make a change?


That happened to me yesterday while walking Bentley.  When I first started blogging I focused on several key elements of my life in which I made changes and redirected the course of my life: living debt-free, living a healthy lifestyle, being organized/goal oriented and being charitable with my time.  I call these my Pillars of Successful Living and they are the foundation on which I build my life.

Yesterday I was walking Bentley and realized that if I started making better food choices that I could get to my ideal weight.  Now, I am not heavy by any means weighing 180 lbs at the present moment.  The problem for me is that my body feels better at 170 lbs.  My MS symptoms tend to be less dramatic and my legs feel much lighter.  Plus I tend to not experience as much fatigue.

So yesterday I resolved that I will reach my goal of 170 lbs. by December 31st and I will do this by making common sense food choices AND adding 15 minutes of exercise each day.  I have been allowing my MS to influence my decisions about exercise, but NO LONGER!   I don’t mind making mistakes, but I cannot tolerate making excuses and I have been an excuse making machine.

The way I figure I can lose 3-4 pounds per month in a healthy manner which will put me under my goal by the end of December.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Anyone want to join me over the next few months??  If so, leave me a comment and I’ll make a list of those interested and link your health journey posts to these Healthy Updates!


48 thoughts on “My Healthy Living Update – 10/3/16

  1. OMG….yes…me!!! I quit smoking 2 months ago and I have gained about 10 pounds and I was already about 10 pounds over what I wanted to be. I was thinking…I have 3 months until the end of the year, I should be able to lose close to 10 pounds. I sure could use someone to hold me accountable though 🙂 I already downloaded my fitness pal onto my phone and walked nearly 5 miles yesterday. Good Luck!

  2. There is no sense putting my name on this list since I don’t have the discipline to keep it up. One week I feel fine, I eat better and the next I couldn’t care less. I have to want to do it for it to happen and I can’t seem to find that discipline. Maybe I will give it a start and see what happens.

    1. Whenever you feel ready to make a change, take small steps. That works a lot better than trying to change everything all at once. It worked for me! For example, set one tiny, small goal for yourself, like taking a 30-minute or a 15-minute walk 3 times a week. Work on this goal for about 4 weeks, and when you feel comfortable doing that, set another small goal, like drinking 8 or 6 glasses of water a day. After a while of doing a couple of little things, you’ll start to feel a whole lot better. Small changes really add up.

      1. My walking limit is 5 minutes due to my chronic pain and I had to reduce my water intake due to severe incontinence. Runs right out of me and can’t afford urologist at this time. Any other suggestions?

  3. On my recent trip I exercised conscious eating and only gained one pound (usually I gain 2 or 3). Since then (a few days ago) I lost the pound and another pound. For me it’s thinking about the consequences… of both gaining weight and being unhealthy… it has to be a lifestyle, not a diet.Good luck on your quest!

    1. I agree. My least favorite word is “diet.” I have lost a ton of weight over the last 2 years from using common sense and focusing on lifestyle change.

  4. Wow, this really resonates with me. I had a moment like that today. I generally live by healthy habits- I workout, I drink water, I get enough sleep and so on. But for the last few months, I really threw my healthy eating habits out the window. I’ve had a rough 6 months and I let myself indulge without thinking too much about the consequences.Today, I woke up with a sick stomach after a weekend of indulging, and suddenly I realized I had to stop.
    So today I put myself on a 4-week healthy eating challenge. I won’t eat any junk till Halloween! And to keep myself accountable, I will posting my progress every week. I really need to detox my body from all the junk I’ve been feeding it. I can’t wait to feel lighter and healthier, not heavy and bloated. Healthy eating, here I come!
    If anybody reads this comment and wants to join me, you’re very welcome!

      1. Perhaps, but I think people actually do realize when they’re going down the wrong path healthwise. Unfortunately, their own fears (of change, of leaving their comfort zone) keep them from doing anything about it. The first step is truly the hardest one.

      1. Totally get it. I’m short so my BMI weight is ridiculously low. I’ve had plenty of DRs tell me that I will know when I’m at the right weight.
        Your body knows what feels best. 🙂

  5. Loosing weigh depends mostly from what one eats. Exercise is also helpful but not as much as people think because once the body is adjusted to the routine exercise it stops loosing weight and often put it back again unless one does a lot of it which has its contraindications. Eating is the key. One doesn’t necessarily have to eat less only less calories, less sugar and fat. As you know I write about food and one of my sayings is that eating is a much more difficult art than cooking. Very few people to my knowledge know how to eat in order to control their health and weight nowadays because the consumers’ market of food with all its information and mis-informations tend to confuse everybody and put wrong notions in their heads. When eating the simpler the better and often the simpler tastes much better also because one feels much better when eating simpler food.

    1. I use a common sense approach to my food. I eat fresh veggies, fresh fruit, lean protein. No sodas and I try to limit crap food. My one vice is candy. lol

    2. Very good points there. I also find that often you rush when eating and therefor your brain has no time to receive the signal that we are actually had enough and we overeat. It’s the mindful eating and enjoying bite after bite that makes a difference as well…

  6. Good luck to you. I have a lot more to lose than 10 pounds. My first goal is 50 pounds. I have eaten myself into an unhealthy state (again). I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and I have arthritis so the doctor has suggested low impact or no impact exercise. I ride my stationery bike and walk. I’ve started healthy eating (tracking everything I put in my mouth) on the Lose It! app. I’m down 6 pounds so it’s a start anyway.

  7. Yes, I’m in! I’m having trouble with motivating myself to exercise more. So this is a reminder and a help to me. For me, it’s not really about losing weight (although a few pounds would be great). But it’s to feel healthier, stronger, toner. Thanks again for your motivation, Danny 🙂

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